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Guidelines for university responses to reports of sexual assault and sexual harassment

This set of guidelines will help Australian universities to strengthen their support for students who report sexual assault and sexual harassment.

2017 Universities Australia student finances survey

One in seven university students regularly go without food and other necessities because they cannot afford them, the latest national financial survey of Australian university students has found.

Work-integrated learning in universities: final report

This report show the extent of participation by international students in work integrated learning (WIL). It also examines the challenges facing international students in engaging with WIL opportunities, and provides suggestions on how universities and employers can improve opportunities for international students to have a...

STEM and non-STEM first year students

Key findings: More than 40 per cent of students surveyed did not feel encouraged to do well in maths and science by their teachers at high school. “That was also another influence with me with maths and biology. I did biology in year twelve but...

Universities Australia Indigenous strategy first annual report

The Universities Australia (UA) Indigenous Strategy 2017-20 is a sector-wide initiative. It brings all member universities together to achieve common goals to advance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation and success in higher education.

Indigenous strategy annual report January 2020

The Universities Australia Indigenous Strategy 2017- 20 brings all 39 member universities together to advance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation and success in higher education.

Submission to inquiry on opportunities for employment and economic develop for Indigenous Australians

Universities Australia (UA) has made a submission to the House Standing Committee on Indigenous Affairs inquiry into opportunities for employment and economic development for Indigenous Australians.

Clever collaborations: the strong business case for partnering with universities

In recent years, right around the world, governments and policy makers have wrestled with how to lift collaboration between businesses and universities. There is a growing body of evidence that shows that when companies tap into the expertise of universities and their researchers, it boosts...

Universities Australia 2020-21 pre-Budget submission

Throughout this submission, Universities Australia encourages the federal government to recognise the central role of universities in the COVID-19 response and recovery.

A productive country: The contribution of Australian universities to national productivity

Productivity underpins our standard of living. This is why Australia's declining productivity growth has alarmed our political and business leaders and economic advisers and commentators. Universities Australia has released a report which demonstrates that Australian universities can play a lead role in future productivity growth...