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Communicating online: an evaluation of the Horticulture Industry Network website

This report presents findings from a mixed methods study involving qualitative interviews and a heuristic analysis of the Horticulture Industry Network’s (HIN’s) website.

The Swinburne national technology and society monitor 2008

The Swinburne National Technology and Society Monitor (SNTSM) provides an annual 'snapshot' of public perceptions of new technologies, science and technological change. This annual telephone survey involves interviews with a representative sample of 1000 Australian adults from all states and territories.

The Geelong Project: a community of schools and youth services model for early intervention

The Geelong Project is a place-based, ‘community of schools and youth services’ approach to early intervention using population screening, a flexible practice framework and youth-focused, family-centred case management. The model builds in longitudinal follow-up and support to reduce homelessness, and achieve sustainable education and lifetime...

Building better pathways to higher education

The basic model of higher education delivery in Australia has not fundamentally changed since its establishment. This paper reviews the present situation and develops an argument, based on both educational and economic grounds, that Australia should move to a system similar to that in the...

Building ethical capability for accounting professionals: a needs analysis study

The purpose of this project is to identify ethical capability needs of Australian accounting professionals and produce policy recommendations that can inform future measures to improve ethical behaviours and culture in the profession, as well as the design of an ethical capability building program.

60+ online: Engaging seniors through social media and digital stories

This report has two aims. The first is to establish the elements of an interests-participation model for developing sustainable digital media skills and literacies among seniors aged 60 and over. The second is to present a rich qualitative account of the digital technology and social...

Industry 4.0 testlabs in Australia

This report provides a detailed overview of the relevant resources, findings and recommendations resulting from the work of the Industry 4.0 Testlabs Working Group of the Prime Minister’s Industry 4.0 Taskforce during 2016–2017.

Digital inclusion and mobile media in remote Sarawak

This research suggests the single most effective strategy for achieving digital inclusion in Sarawak is to provide remote villages with reliable, affordable, publicly accessible internet infrastructure.

An off-grid solar system for rural village implementation in East Malaysia

The design-and-build stages on the Long Beruang Solar Project from design phase to final implementation are reported in this thesis, with its sustainability discussed and reviewed.

Analytical study and fabrication of a solar-based dryer for pepper-drying (agricultural product drying)

Sarawak has fertile slopes and an optimum environment for pepper cultivation. The state produces the majority of pepper products in Malaysia and contributes to multimillion agricultural export earnings every year. The pepper cultivation in Sarawak relies on smallholdings and there were no large-scale plantation nor...