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Economic evaluation of investigator-initiated clinical trials conducted by networks: final report

This report analysed 25 Australian clinical trials initiated by clinicians and found that if the results of the trials were implemented in just two-thirds of the relevant groups of patients for one year, $1.4 billion would be saved through improvements in patient health outcomes, and...

Impact of digital health on the safety and quality of health care

This report by Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (University of Sydney) explores the effects of five digital health interventions on patient safety and quality of care.

Patient-centred care: improving quality and safety by focusing care

Patient-centred care is health care that is respectful of, and responsive to, the preferences, needs and values of patients and consumers. The widely accepted dimensions of patient-centred care are respect, emotional support, physical comfort, information and communication, continuity and transition, care coordination, involvement of family...
Fact sheet

Intellectual disability: safety and quality issues

This fact sheet introduces the safety and quality issues that impact people with intellectual disability when they are accessing health care. It is part of a series of fact sheets for health service organisations. The aim of the fact sheets is to support improvement in...

The fourth Australian atlas of healthcare variation

This publication examines variation in healthcare use according to where people live. It covers six clinical areas: early planned births; chronic disease and infection; ear, nose and throat surgery in children and young people; lumbar spinal surgery; gastrointestinal investigations; and medicines use in older people.

National baseline report on Quality Use of Medicines and Medicines Safety - Phase 1: residential aged care

This report identifies a potential roadmap to embed Quality Use of Medicine principles in the aged care sector, with the aim of reducing medication-related harm.
Discussion paper

Quality Use of Medicines and Medicines Safety discussion paper for public consultation – Phase 1: aged care

The Commission are developing a National Baseline Report on Quality Use of Medicines and Medicines Safety in response to this initiative. This discussion paper was published to support the public consultation which informed Phase 1 of the National Baseline Report.

A better way to care: actions for health service managers

Project overview Cognitive impairment impedes communication, attention, memory, thinking and problem solving. Dementia and delirium are the two most common conditions associated with cognitive impairment. People with dementia are also at a greater risk of developing delirium. For some people with dementia and/or delirium and...

National safety and quality primary and community healthcare standards

These standards have been developed for services that deliver health care in a primary and/or community setting. They are person-centred, and describe the processes and structures that are needed to deliver safe and high-quality health care.
Fact sheet

Safe and high quality care for people with intellectual disability

This fact sheet provides clinicians with strategies to support improvements in the quality of healthcare for people with intellectual disability.