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Improving educational outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls

Broad improvements in educational performance and school attendance among Aboriginal girls will only occur with support programs tailored to their variety of needs and interests, argues this report. Conclusion Higher levels of education are related to a range of social and economic benefits for both...

The Future of Work in Queensland to 2030

This submission by the Smith Family to Jobs Queensland on the future of work in Queensland to 2030 concerns children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds most at risk of missing out in the future, on the benefits of work, unless they have access to...

Attendance lifts achievement: Building the evidence base to improve student outcomes

This resource is the first Australian study to demonstrate the predictive relationships between a set of educational outcomes as young people move through school. These outcomes are students’ school attendance, achievement in English or Maths, school completion and involvement post-school in work or study.

Financial Disadvantage in Australia - 1999

This is the first edition of an annual, comprehensive report on financial disadvantage among Australia's children and adults. The key goal of this annual report is to provide authoritative and up-to-date estimates of financial disadvantage (or 'poverty') in Australia. Section 2 of this report looks...

Strengthening early numeracy learning: the Let’s Count program

This report illustrates that there are significant numbers of the Australian population, who do not have, or are at risk of not developing, the mathematical knowledge and skills needed to fully participate economically and socially. Summary Numeracy is the capacity, confidence and disposition to use...
Literature review

Preparing students for the transition to work or further study

This literature review provides a comprehensive analysis of national and international research to assist with the development of an evidence-based model to better support students in Years 8-10 (13-16 years) as they progress through school and into work or further study. The literature review addresses...

Home-to-school transitions for financially disadvantaged children

This report focuses on children's readiness for school, considering the role of families, schools and communities as facilitators and inhibitors. The transition from home to school is a major change in children’s lives, being the first compulsory and universal point of contact between the child...

Microsoft unlimited potential: good practice guide

The objective of this Guide is to provide a qualitative, in-depth analysis of Microsoft Unlimited Potential (UP) that will complement the largely quantitative analyses that have preceded it, and create a broader evidence base for understanding how UP works in Australia. In this sense, it...