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The development of Australia's federal critical infrastructure policy, 1978 – 2010

Australia’s strategy for managing national security is set out in a number of complex and interrelated policy documents that span multiple agencies. This paper summarises key parts of the federal critical infrastructure protection policy trajectory in the period 1978 – 2010. The research was designed...
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Combating serious crime and corruption in sport

This paper details the actual and potential challenges, and impact, of gambling and corruption practices on sports in Australia.
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Rethinking police gifts and benefits policies

The acceptance of gifts and benefits – or ‘gratuities’ – has been described as ‘a police image problem that doesn’t seem to go away’ . This assertion was borne out recently in the ‘phone hacking scandal’ in the United Kingdom, when the Commissioner and Assistant...

Globalization and White Collar Crime

This chapter discusses how globalization facilitates white collar crime, and how it can foster more effective mechanisms for the prevention and control of white collar crime. It uses the framework of routine activity theory to explain transnational white collar crime, then presents a range of...
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Review of computer chip identification systems

Embedded computer chip identification systems, such as those used in smartcards and ePassports, have significant implications for crimes such as identify theft and identity fraud. This paper identifies social, policy and legal issues associated with the use of cumputer chip identification systems, particularly as they...
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Cost-benefit analysis of Australian Federal Police counter-terrorism operations at Australian airports

The terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 highlighted the vulnerabilities of airports and aircraft. Further attacks in 2002, 2007 and 2009, have led to major government reforms in passenger processing and airport access. The security of Australian airports has also followed this trend, with an...