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Firearm legislation in Australia 21 years after the National Firearms Agreement

This report finds that on balance, both non-compliance from day one and two decades of political pressure have steadily reduced restrictions and undermined the National Firearms Agreement’s original intent.

Australian firearm amnesty, buyback and destruction totals, 1987-2015

From 1988 to 2015, Australia ran forty-one state, territory and federal firearm amnesties for a combined total of 3,274 weeks. From the reports in which numbers were published, a minimum of 1,121,577 firearms were surrendered to police for destruction.

Firearm imports, Australia: Non-air modern firearms for civilian possession, 1988 to 2015 (ABS)

In the 27 years from 1988 to 2015, Australians imported more than a million guns. Many of these replaced firearm types prohibited and destroyed during federal firearm buybacks, or surrendered in dozens of state gun amnesties. This table lists national firearm import totals provided by...
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The origin of Australian crime guns: statements from those involved in curbing the proliferation of illicit firearms

For more than a decade, people whose job it is to seize and to trace crime guns in Australia have steadily contradicted the unsourced, evidence-free opinion that most illicit firearms are smuggled into the country.

Mass gun killings in Australia and New Zealand, 1987-2015

Of 130 victims shot dead, 56% were killed by a licensed gun owner. Most were shot by a killer with no previous history of violent crime or mental illness. All the perpetrators were men.

With more than 190,000 pages of news, data and comparative charts, and visited by 1.5 million uniquely identifiable users per year, is the world's most comprehensive and accessible web source for published evidence on armed violence, firearm law and gun control. is hosted...

The right to keep secret guns: registering firearms to reduce gun violence

Among a small, but vocal minority of shooters the universal registration of firearms is both the most ridiculed and the most feared of all measures to control guns. It is a fundamental belief of some gun owners that any register of firearms is merely the...

Locking up guns: foiling thieves, children and the momentarily suicidal

The headline-grabbing effect of the illegal “crime gun” guarantees it more attention than the lawful, homely firearms which kill nine-tenths of shooting victims. Accordingly, public opinion seems willing to tackle the problem of guns in crime while little attention is paid to the much more...
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Firearm homicide in New Zealand: Victims, perpetrators and their weapons 1992-94

Aim: To determine the firearms licensing status and mental and criminal history of perpetrators in firearm homicide, plus the legal status of the firearms used. The location of the shooting, its motivation and the relationship between perpetrator and victim were determined, as well as the...

Guns in family violence: legal weapons pose the greatest risk

By opposing mandatory seizure of firearms following a protection order, police and some legislators seem inclined to deny the reality of gun-related violence as revealed by their own files.