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Food waste opportunities within the food wholesale and retail sectors - final report

This research looked at where, why and how much food waste is currently generated by food retail and wholesale businesses, such as supermarkets and grocers. The research report also suggests ways the NSW EPA could support industry to maximise their efforts.

Cost effectiveness analysis of WELS

The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Scheme (WELS), introduced in July 2006, is a key program in the suite of options recently implemented by government agencies and water utilities to address water scarcity. WELS primarily influences water consumption by providing consumers with information about the...

Win, win, win: regulating electricity distribution networks for reliability, consumers and the environment

This report argues that the NSW electricity sector requires three critical conditions to embrace aggressively cost-effective energy efficiency and other forms of demand-side resources, such as customer-owned generation and demand-side management. Demand Management (DM) refers to measures undertaken by a utility business to meet customer...

Best of both worlds: renewable energy and load flexibility for Australian business customers 2018

This study assessed the potential savings for demand response for wholesale customers in Victoria over a 12-month period, and found energy cost savings from 2.3% to 33.3%.

World wide views on global warming Australia

The Australian World Wide Views on Global Warming Event, where 105 people from all walks of life came from all over the country to put their views forwards on the issues facing climate change negotiators at UN talks. This event happened on 25 and 26...
Discussion paper

Vision 2040: mining, minerals and innovation

This consultation paper aims to engage industry and the community on identifying a sustainable path for the mining industry in Australia and how it can be achieved. Australia’s economy is now riding on the trucks, trains and ships that carry our minerals to the international...

Improving gender diversity in companies 2020

This report is an analysis of initiatives to improve gender diversity in companies. It examines innovative policies to recruit and retain talent across genders. Gender diversity is a significant issue of risk management for boards and for companies.

Improving gender diversity in companies 2021

This report is an analysis of initiatives to improve gender diversity in companies. It examines innovative policies to recruit and retain talent across genders.

Mainstreaming socially responsible investment (SRI): a role for government?

This 2005 survey collected opinions across the business spectrum including SRI practitioners, institutional investors, related stakeholders, and interested government departments. These results provide an understanding of the instruments that key industry members believe are most likely to encourage the widespread uptake of SRI.

Who is responsible for ensuring food security in NSW?

The double crises of COVID-19 and catastrophic bushfires in 2020 exposed underlying fragilities in Australia’s food security, particularly with the sustainability of local supply chains and access to affordable, healthy food in vulnerable populations. This report identifies and articulates three steps on a way forward...