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2018 Investment statement: Investing for wellbeing

The 2018 Investment Statement He Puna Hao Pātiki, shows how the Treasury is moving towards a more holistic way of assessing the government’s balance sheet, by incorporating principles from the Living Standards Framework alongside financial considerations.

Where we come from, where we go – describing population change in New Zealand

This paper describes new sub-national New Zealand population measures that have been developed by the Treasury using integrated administrative data. The paper accompanies the release of interactive online tools that present new data about the changing population of New Zealand and its territorial authority (TA)...
Discussion paper

A Pacific perspective on the Living Standards Framework and wellbeing

This discussion paper recognises the growing influence and impact of the Pacific diaspora and intergenerational population on the New Zealand economy and on New Zealand’s place in the wider Pacific region. It focuses on the commonalities that Pacific New Zealanders share, while recognising the diversity...
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An Asian perspective and the New Zealand Treasury Living Standards Framework

The New Zealand Treasury has developed a Living Standards Framework (LSF) to assess the impact of government policies on intergenerational wellbeing. This resource is a starting point for discussions on ways to include an Asian perspective in the LSF.
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Embedding wellbeing in the Public Finance Act 1989: discussion document

The New Zealand government is committed to using a broader framing to measure New Zealand’s progress, to develop and assess fiscal policy and support decision-making.

Our people – Multidimensional wellbeing in New Zealand

This paper sets out to measure and reflect the wellbeing of New Zealanders across different areas of their lives, as expressed in the Treasury’s Living Standards Framework.

Managing known unknowns: public policy and economic management in the twenty-first century

In this speech, delivered to the Trans-Tasman Business Circle Wellington, the Secretary to the Treasury discusses major economic transitions facing New Zealand, including globalisation, technological change, demographic change and environmental change.
Working paper

Public debt dynamics in New Zealand

This paper develops a framework to decompose the change in New Zealand’s public debt ratio into four component effects: the primary balance, real GDP growth, real interest rates, and exchange rates.

Wellbeing and mental health: an analysis based on the Treasury’s Living Standards Framework

New sub-national New Zealand population measures have been developed by The Treasury using integrated administrative data. This paper describes their development, compares them against existing sources of official population data, describes some high level findings, and presents three case studies describing population change in specific...
Discussion paper

Culture, wellbeing, and the Living Standards Framework: a perspective

The purpose of this discussion paper is to analyse culture and wellbeing in the context of the Living Standards Framework (LSF). It provides an integrated analysis of how culture might be embedded in the LSF and the LSF Dashboard. Questions for discussion are included at...