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Discussion paper

Creation of a new university through merger - discussion paper: the University of Adelaide and University of South Australia

The councils of the University of Adelaide and University of South Australia have agreed to formally consider the merits of the creation of a new university through a merger of the two institutions. This discussion paper sets out preliminary insights into the potential opportunities and...

Independent review of the ACT’s work safety compliance infrastructure, policies, and procedures

The scope of this review is confined to examining the work health and safety compliance and enforcement arrangements. It is not a policy and legislative review.

Schooling challenges and opportunities: a report for the Review of Funding for Schooling panel

One of four reports commissioned by the Review of Funding for Schooling, this paper compares Australia's education system with international standards. It identifies its strengths and weaknesses and makes recommendations for improvement. Australia’s school system is among the better performing systems in the world. Taken...

Indigenous people in the Alice Springs town camps

Will Sanders analyses 2001 Census data relating to Indigenous people living in the Alice Springs town camps as compared to three other population groups: Indigenous people in the rest of Alice Springs, non-Indigenous people in Alice Springs and Indigenous people living in the outlying communities...

Thinking about Indigenous community governance

Will Sanders argues that Indigenous community governance is as much about process as about structures and that dispersed governance has benefits as well as costs. In doing so he challenges some common assumptions of would-be reformers of Indigenous community governance.

Leadership changes in Torres Strait elections

Will Sanders examines elections for the 18 local governments in the Torres Strait in both 2000 and 2004, focusing on changes in political leadership and a possible emerging change in political style in Torres Strait.

Wedges: understanding the potential to reduce Victoria's greenhouse gas emissions

This report looks at the potential for emissions reductions across the energy, transport, agriculture, land use and forestry and waste and industrial sectors. It provides important guidance on areas for future focus and trade-offs associated with different options.