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Discussion paper

Schooling as a ‘stepping-stone to national consciousness’ in Solomon Islands: the last twenty years

The formal curricular and pedagogical elements of schooling in Solomon Islands have as yet largely failed to fulfil their potential as a ‘stepping-stone to national consciousness’. Abstract The paper is structured as follows. In the first section, we provide an analysis of the historical failure...
Discussion paper

The formal, the informal, and the precarious: making a living in urban Papua New Guinea

Overview: For many Papua New Guineans, the dominant accounts of ‘the economy’ – contained within development reports, government documents and the media – do not adequately reflect their experiences of making a living. Large-scale resource extraction, the private sector, export cash cropping and wage employment...
Briefing paper

The New Caledonian referendum on independence part 1: historical origins

The first of a three-part series exploring different aspects of the referendum on whether New Caledonia will become an independent state or remain under French sovereignty.
Working paper

Beneath the state: Chiefs of Santa Isabel, Solomon Islands, coping and adapting

Abstract: That Solomon Islands village communities find their governments to be distant and invisible is not a new observation. Allen and Dinnen, 2013, have aptly described what happens locally as ‘beneath the state’. During the ‘tension years’ 1998-2003 Solomon Islands national government for an extended...

Papua New Guinea’s refugee track record and its obligations under the 2013 Regional Resettlement Arrangement with Australia

This paper examines Papua New Guinea's track record in assessing and resettling asylum seekers, its current obligations under the 2013 Regional Resettlement Arrangement, and the sustainability of this arrangement. Introduction In the lead-up to the Australian Federal Election in September 2013, public attention focused dramatically...
Discussion paper

Translating transitional justice: the Solomon Islands Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Introduction The Solomon Islands Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was the first truth commission in the Pacific, established under the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act 2008 (TRC Act) in an effort to ‘promote national unity and reconciliation’ following the civil conflict which troubled the country...

Post 2015 Development Agenda: progress and challenges regarding the future Pacific women want

Summary: This paper provides a Pacific context for conceptualizing the Post-2015 Development Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals from the vantage point of Pacific women. It looks critically at the MDGs and the current policy agendas of Pacific Island states, discusses economic and social realities in...
Working paper

Opening up to our Pacific neighbours

This working paper takes a historical look at Australia's Pacific policy, and makes suggestions for change.

Recapturing the spirit of 1971: towards a new regional political settlement in the Pacific

This paper proposes ways to keep Australia and New Zealand within the Pacific Islands Forum and at the same time meet the concerns of the Pacific island states about ‘charting their own course’.

Measuring poverty as if gender matters: perspectives from fieldwork in Fiji

This paper presents empirical findings on one aspect of the work of a transnational feminist research project, based in Canberra, Australia, whose goal was to produce a better standard or metric for measuring poverty across the world. Introduction This paper presents empirical findings on one...