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Position paper

Rural suicide and its prevention: a CRRMH position paper

This paper has two purposes: to draw attention to the unacceptable rates of rural suicide and to suggest where attention should be focused if people are serious about making a difference.

Yarning the way: the role of Indigenous education paraprofessionals in guiding the post-school transitions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth

The Yarning the Way research project aimed to explore the wisdom of Indigenous Education Paraprofessionals (IEPs) in their ‘connecting’ and ‘translational’ role, particularly as this related to guiding Indigenous students towards post-school education options.
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Alternative pathways into higher education open access annotated bibliography: enabling, foundation, access & bridging education

This open access, annotated bibliography has been curated by a collective of scholars who share an interest in enabling education as a form of alternative entry into higher education studies. The bibliography primarily has an Australian focus, although it also includes relevant literature written from...
Working paper

Dynamic tracking of the Employment Vulnerability Index against Centrelink labour market payments data

This paper explains and demonstrates the new tools that CofFEE has developed to map the EVI assessments against the claims for unemployment benefits from Centrelink.
Working paper

Locked-in casual employment

This paper provides an up-to-date examination of the hypothesis that under certain circumstances casual workers can become trapped into a work history of repetitive casual jobs with little chance of escape.
Working paper

A 21st century solution to skill shortages in Australia

This paper argues for specific, major, institutional reforms capable of building a high-skilled internationally competitive labour force in Australia.

Postcards from practice: learnings from Name. Narrate. Navigate

This report provides a summary and discussion of the initial learnings from the Name. Narrate. Navigate pilot program, which is a preventive intervention program focused on psycho-education and skill development for young people at increased risk of using violence.

The wisdom of women and workers: practice considerations for designing assertive outreach services for women experiencing homelessness

A critical assumption underpinning this project was that gender has a major influence on the experience of homelessness. Understanding women’s experiences and how they guide assertive outreach practice was therefore an important starting point in thinking about how responses can be gender defined, responsive, and...
Working paper

Small business employment dynamics in Australia

James Juniper, Bill Mitchell and Jennifer Myers examine whether small businesses in Australia has higher rates of job creation than larger firms. They also consider whether so-called 'industrial relations' factors (wages, workers compensation, superannuation, union membership) retards rates of job creation in Australia. They find...