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Validation of a short Food Frequency Questionnaire which ranks individuals by sugar intakes in Pacific Islanders living in South Auckland, New Zealand

Background: Chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, gout and cardiovascular disease have higher prevalence among Pacific Islanders than any other ethnicity in New Zealand. Increasing evidence has shown a link between increased fructose consumption and these diseases. However measuring dietary sugar intakes in...

Wind Energy for Kiritimati Island, Kiribai

Access to electricity is one of the tangible approaches to improving the social and economic level of citizens the world over. Elevating living standards through electricity access for rural areas in developing countries encounters, however, a severe fiscal barrier as developing countries, do not often...

Cane and commitment: gender and familial relations on smallholder sugar cane farms in Fiji

This thesis examines the socio-economy of smallholder sugar cane farms in Fiji with particular attention to the participation and experiences of women. There is also consideration of the involvement of other household members, especially children in the farm economy.

Early Life Risk Factors for Overweight and Obesity in Childhood

Background: Prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity has risen dramatically over the last few decades, suggesting a causative role for environmental factors, including activity, diet and eating behaviours.Objectives: To determine the prevalence, change in prevalence and degree of tracking of overweight and obesity in a...

The routes of roots reggae in Aotearoa/New Zealand: the musical construction of place and identity

This thesis explores the routes of roots reggae by looking at how New Zealand musicians and consumers have used this globally disseminated and commodified cultural product to locate themselves in various geographical places and cultural spaces. Chapter two examines how New Zealand roots reggae consumers...

Listening needs of distance learners: a case study of EAP learners at the University of the South Pacific

This study focuses on student listening needs in the context of the English for Academic Purposes program taught by distance education at the University of the South Pacific. It explores the relationship between learners' awareness of the learning strategy they use for developing their listening...

An examination of East Polynesian population history

Previous osteological studies of East Polynesian populations have primarily focused on the identification of ancestral homelands and have ignored issues relating to regional and local populations. This thesis examines East Polynesian population history and addresses questions concerning East Polynesian prehistory from a bioanthropological perspective. The...
Discussion paper

Assessment of the social impacts of drought and related government and non-government social support services: issues paper

The Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has appointed an expert panel to examine the social impacts of drought, and related government and non-government social support services, on farm families and rural communities as part of the government's national review of drought policy. The expert...

Time of Transition: Patterns of Obsidian Exchange and Utilization during the Lapita and Post-Lapita Periods on Watom Island, Papua New Guinea

The aim of this research is to investigate the nature of the social and economic transition occurring between the Lapita to post-Lapita periods on the island of Watom, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea.