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Economic value of the crocodile farming industry to the Northern Territory

This study reports on the economic value that the crocodile farming industry contributes to the Northern Territory (NT) in 2014/15.

State of Australia’s fast growing outer suburbs

This report is designed to deepen the understanding of the role and function of the fast growing outer suburbs and how investment will benefit them and have a national impact.

The South Australian bike economy

This report argues that South Australia's cycling assets could be leveraged to grow the SA bike economy - connecting state priorities in tourism to regional development and health. It argues the bike economy could be a ‘smart specialisation’ for the state.

Queensland mining equipment, technology and services: 10-year roadmap and action plan

This Roadmap outlines Queensland's vision for the sector to become a global leader in the development of commercially valuable solutions for the energy and resources industry worldwide.

Minerals industry: Indigenous economic development strategy

More than 60% of minerals operations in Australia have neighbouring Indigenous communities. The MCA’s vision is a thriving minerals industry working in partnership with Indigenous communities for the present and future development of mineral resources and the establishment of vibrant, diversified and sustainable regional economies...

Rebooting the boom: unfinished business on the supply side

This paper addresses the challenge of rebooting the mining boom. It argues that inefficiencies which developed or were sustained over the high price phase of the boom can no longer be sustained over the next decade.

What works best in education for development: a super synthesis of the evidence

This Super Synthesis identifies which interventions have the greatest impact on student learning and education participation in developing country contexts.
Working paper

Regional patterns of Australia’s economy and population

This working paper examines trends in incomes, employment, and demographics across Australia over the past decade. The trends outlined have been influenced by broader economic forces: a mining investment boom that boosted investment and incomes in particular regions; and the continuing shift of consumption and...

Population growth, jobs growth and commuting flows in Perth

This is the first of a series of reports analysing spatial trends in population, employment and commuting in our five largest cities.

Greater Parramatta - interim land use and infrastructure implementation plan

The NSW Government proposes to establish the Greater Parramatta Priority Growth Area by including it in the State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006. This interim Plan identifies how more jobs, homes and essential services will be accommodated in the priority growth area...