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Seller disclosure in Queensland: final report

This report sets out 19 recommendations for the reform of the current seller disclosure regime, including the introduction of a statutory seller disclosure regime for sales of freehold land in Queensland.
Discussion paper

Queensland drones strategy - consultation paper

This strategy consultation paper has been developed as a way to start the discussion around how Queensland can take advantage of opportunities in the drones industry.

In the picture: understanding belonging and connection for young people with cognitive disability in regional communities through photorich research: final report

For young people with cognitive disability who live in regional Australia, very little is known about what helps and what hinders belonging and connection in their communities. This research addressed this gap in our knowledge by working collaboratively with young people.

Keeping Queensland’s children more than safe: review of the foster care system

This review of Queensland’s foster care system identified some opportunities to build stakeholder and public confidence, strengthen carer assessment, approval and renewal processes, and strengthen safeguards for children in care.

Queensland government open data policy statement

This Queensland government Open Data policy statement has been drafted with input from businesses, academia, industry associations and the community.

Keeping Queensland’s children more than safe: review of the blue card system

This report focuses on recommendations to improve the blue card system, Queensland's term for working with children checks.

Measuring Queensland’s digital divide

The unique features of Queensland create particular challenges and opportunities for digital inclusion. With the potential of technology to deliver better health, education, social and economic outcomes, it has never been more important that no one gets left behind.
Draft report

Service delivery in Queensland's remote and discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities: draft report

The QPC has released this draft report for consultation on the inquiry into service delivery in remote and discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The journey so far in the senior phase of learning

The Queensland government's senior phase education and training reforms were part of a larger change that also encompassed the early years of learning and the middle schooling years. This commissioned report, written by two education academics, provides a history of the reform process from 2003...