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Education at a glance 2006: Highlights

This detailed, comparable and up-to-date collection of indicators on the performance of education systems focuses on the 30 OECD countries, including Australia, as well as some partner countries. The indicators look at who participates in education, what is spent on it, how education and learning...

The personal wellbeing of Australians living within federal electoral divisions

In this latest Australian Unity Wellbeing Index report, Robert A. Cummins, T’Meika Knapp, Jacqui Woerner, Jenny Walter and Kathryn Page examine the differences between reported feelings of wellbeing across Australia. Among other things, they find that differences in wellbeing are not simply based in economics.

National Youth Survey 2006: the main concerns of young Australians

This national annual survey of 14,700 young people, aged 11-24 (95% between 11-19), has found family conflict, alcohol and other drugs and body image are their three main issues of concern. When asked to rank 12 issues in level of importance, family conflict was ranked...

Planning strategy for metropolitan Adelaide (August 2006)

The Planning Strategy for Metropolitan Adelaide (current from 2006 to 2010) provided direction for the land use and development activities of Councils, Government agencies and the private sector.

Housing affordability and the economy: a review of labour market impacts and policy issues

This report focuses on the issue of (mis)match between labour and housing markets in large, globally connected cities in the current era of globalisation. Inevitably, attention in the Australian context is directed towards Sydney and Melbourne. Author Mike Berry draws on the urban analyses of...

Youth homelessness in rural Australia

Young people facing or experiencing homelessness in rural Australia have very different experiences to their urban contemporaries. The Foyer model is one response that could help young rural people establish themselves, without relocating them to cities away from their support networks writes Bill Randolph in...

Intoxication and criminal responsibility

This report addresses the questions of when, and in what ways, an accused’s state of intoxication (whether by alcohol or drugs) is relevant to their trial for a criminal offence. Kate Warner makes 13 recommendations for reform including the key recommendation that evidence of intoxication...

Mid-term review: Pacific Regional Policing Initiative

The Pacific Regional Policing Initiative (PRPI) program team, consisting of contracted advisers based out of Suva, are to be commended for achieving a great deal in two and a half years. The Mid-Term Review Team (MTRT) considers that for the most part the program has...

The cost of bad design

The cost of bad design is a clarion call. There is no excuse for bad design, and no reason to accept poor standards, yet exemplary buildings remain the exception. The buildings and spaces being constructed now will shape the way our towns and cities function...

Building and spaces: why design matters

This booklet promotes the importance of architecture and design quality at all levels. Britain is witnessing its largest public building programme for a generation. Every city, town and neighbourhood will see a marked change in its fabric over the course of the next decade.