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Australian Democrats: the passing of an era

This paper traces the rise and fall of the Democrats, Australia's longest-surviving minor party, examining the sources of its support and the reasons for its decline. The Australian Democrats are the longest surviving and most successful minor party in federal politics. The party was created...

National mental health policy 2008

The policy embeds a whole of government approach to mental health, first agreed to by the Council of Australian Governments in July 2006, within the National Mental Health Strategy. The policy represents a renewed commitment by all health ministers and ministers with responsibility for mental...

Cost effectiveness analysis of WELS

The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Scheme (WELS), introduced in July 2006, is a key program in the suite of options recently implemented by government agencies and water utilities to address water scarcity. WELS primarily influences water consumption by providing consumers with information about the...
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Third party intervention reconsidered: new roles for Australian industrial tribunals

This paper examines the decisive shift away from traditional forms of third party intervention by public dispute resolution agencies in Canada, the US, Ireland and the UK. It also argues that, given the decline of dispute resolution in the Australian context and the imminent establishment...

What job, which house? Simple solutions to complex problems in Indigenous affairs

In a recent paper, former Keating government minister Gary Johns advocates a ‘no job, no house’ policy for remote Indigenous communities. Johns’ proposal is the latest in a line of offerings from conservative politicians and commentators on Aboriginal affairs. What arguments and evidence support such...

Background technical document - the plan for greater Adelaide

This report summarises the technical analysis undertaken in preparation for the first Plan for Greater Adelaide (2010). It addresses a range of urban issues, including housing, transport, economic development and climate change.
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Rugby League as a tool for development in Papua New Guinea

Despite rugby league’s popularity on the eastern seaboard of Australia and in the north of England, Papua New Guinea is the only country where league is considered the national sport.

Australia's forests at a glance 2009

Australia has 147.4 million hectares of native forest and 1.97 million hectares of forestry plantations. Together these cover about 19% of the continent. This report contains up-to-date facts and figures about our forests and their management and shows – at a glance – the key...

Economic analysis of literary publishing in Australia

To enable literary publishers and other literary organisations to distribute and market writing more effectively in Australia and increase the income of writers, this report provides a better understanding of the structure of the literary publishing industry and the potential readership for literary genres. This...
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Resilient nation

Next generation resilience relies on citizens and communities, not the institutions of state... Over 80 per cent of Britons live in urban areas relying on dense networks of public and private sector organisations to provide them with essential services. But their everyday lives and the...