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Journal article

Australia's gun laws can't work in America – for now

This article proposes the most obvious and proven solutions to America's epidemic of armed violence, some of which are bound to be adopted, but not anytime soon.

Mental health prevalence and pathways to care

The largest study undertaken to examine the impact of military service has confirmed the need for the Australian government to focus on assisting veterans to transition into civilian life.

Refugee connectivity: a survey of mobile phones, mental health, and privacy at a Syrian refugee camp in Greece

This report employs social science methods in the field to understand the role that technology and connectivity play in refugees’ lives, and addresses key information gaps for international organisations, NGOs, governments, academic researchers and technologists.

Waking from the dream

Its been a bad couple of decades for dreamers. So many collective dreams shattered into ugly shards. The devastation was democratic. Almost every political and social constituency suffered the agonies of disillusion. The mass dream of home ownership has been broken apart by property markets...

Government by algorithm

Automated welfare didn’t end with the robo-debt controversy. Here and overseas, governments are turning vital decisions over to computers.

Stronger together: safeguarding Australia’s security interests through closer Pacific ties

Greater Australian engagement in the Pacific Islands region is needed if Canberra wants to ensure regional stability and underpin Australia’s national security.

China in South Asia: the case of Pakistan

The Sino-Pakistani relationship was forged out of a common desire to limit India. It has since grown beyond that goal, even though it continues to underscore the relationship. The danger for Pakistan, however, is that it could grow over-dependent on China.

Clontarf Foundation expansion measure: final report

The purpose of the research is to evaluate the implementation of the expansion measure and the extent to which the expansion is contributing to the achievement of its objective to encourage positive outcomes for an additional 3,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boys.
Briefing paper

Government policy statement on land transport 2018/19 – 2027/28: draft for engagement

This policy statement sets out the government’s priorities for expenditure from the National Land Transport Fund over the next ten years. It sets out how funding is allocated between activities, such as road safety policing, state highways, local roads, public transport and other modes of...

Annual report on drinking water quality in Victoria 2016-17

This annual report summarises Victoria’s drinking water quality performance and the department’s activities during the 2016–17 reporting period. It provides a synopsis of drinking water quality across Victoria; water agency reports providing greater detail are available from their websites.