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Are Australians becoming more selfish? Does it matter? (And if it does, what can we do about it?)

In his 2006 Stegley Lecture Irving Saulwick argues that there are two social tectonic plates operating in Australia. They coexist, sometimes, occasionally, live in harmony with each other, and sometimes cause tension at their interface. The first we will call the 'Consequences of Change and...

Heating up: bushfires and climate change

The devastation caused by the 2002-03 fire season precipitated state and federal inquiries. While each inquiry assessed bushfire mitigation strategies, the impacts on the environment and the resources available to fire services, for the first time all the inquiries raised concern about the impact climate...

Freudenberg, friends and flukes

The best autobiographical works present two kinds of insight. First, by providing an inside story, the subject-writer gives the reader new and challenging perspectives on an interesting period. Second, memoirs help the reader understand the subject as a human being with whom they might empathise...

Restructuring the personal income tax system: who is proposing what?

In 2005 and early 2006 a number of proposals were put forward for restructuring the personal income tax system. Leslie Nielson provides an outline of these suggestions, and provides links to detailed expositions of specific proposals.
Briefing paper

Political finance disclosure under current and proposed thresholds

Sarah Miskin and Greg Baker examine political finance disclosures under the current and proposed thresholds, using the annual returns of the major parties (the Liberal Party, the Nationals and the ALP) for the financial years 1998–99 to 2003–04. Proposed amendments to the Commonwealth Electoral Act...

Hospital utilisation and outcomes amongst Victorian residents born in refugee-source countries

This report is one of the first to investigate acute health care service utilisation amongst a population from a refugee background in Australia. It compares hospital admissions and related outcomes between Victorian residents born in a number of refugee-source countries and those born in Australia.

Competitive cities in the global economy

This report draws out key trends and factors of growth and competitiveness, and identifies some major dilemmas for policymakers.
Journal article

Vacancy rates and low-rent housing: a panel data analysis

There is evidence of a shortage of low-rent housing stock in Australia.

Election 2006: Canada changes government

The 46-year-old Stephen Harper is Canada’s 22nd Prime Minister. The new government is the tenth minority government elected since 1925, the average duration of which has been one year, five months and 22 days. It seems unlikely that the new government will run full term...

Connecting diversity: paradoxes of multicultural Australia

In this report commissioned by the Special Broadcasting Service, Ien Ang, Jeff Brand, Greg Noble and Jason Sternberg analyse the views and experiences of younger Australians from culturally diverse backgrounds. They reveals a series of paradoxes in younger people’s appreciation and understanding of multiculturalism in...