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Countering comprehensive coercion: competitive strategies against authoritarian political warfare

The Chinese and Russian governments are currently waging political warfare against the United States and its allies. This report offers policymakers, scholars, and the public a better understanding of the threat faced.

Strong families, thriving children

As a dedicated widely represented statewide body, the Alliance is the only unified voice to support, advocate and influence the future of Aboriginal children and young people. This is their strategy that outlines their priorities to achieve better outcomes for Aboriginal children and young people

Review of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s security procedures, practices and culture

This review concluded that the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet should strengthen the high-level governance of its protective security responsibilities, and demand a more robust security culture in the organisation.
Policy report

Investing in climate solutions for New Zealand

In October 2018, IGCC convened a workshop in Auckland to look at how to invest in climate solutions in New Zealand. This report captures the current climate finance landscape in New Zealand, some of the key insights to emerge from the workshop discussion and recommendations...
Journal article

Low Carbon Readiness Index: a short measure to predict private low carbon behaviour

Highlights Low Carbon Readiness Index (LCRI) is a three-item measure of low carbon strivings. LCRI predicts reported low carbon behaviours, and reduction in actual energy use. LCRI can be used to develop low carbon policies and monitor their implementation. Abstract

Low-emissions economy: final report

This report recommends a suite of policy reforms to help drive the transition. These include introducing emissions standards for newly registered vehicles, a feebate scheme to accelerate the uptake of EVs, and mandatory climate-related financial disclosures.

Connecting the Asia-Pacific: Australian participation in China’s regional infrastructure initiatives

In 2013, China launched two new projects – the Belt and Road Initiative and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank – to lead regional efforts to plug infrastructure gaps. These projects pose a dilemma for Australian policymakers - how to actively participate in these important efforts...

Project 30,000: producing social and affordable housing on government land

Plan Melbourne, the latest 30-year plan for Greater Melbourne, commits the state government to exploring a series of policy responses to the housing crisis, including utilising government land to host social and affordable housing. This report responds to this commitment by identifying over 195 hectares...

Australian Cancer Atlas

This fascinating and interactive Australia-wide atlas provides a comprehensive national perspective of how the burden of cancer varies by geographical areas.
Conference paper

Garma Festival 2017 report

The 2017 Garma Festival placed a high value on education, with a bold vision to weave a national Indigenous education curriculum into the mainstream Western syllabus. The grounds of the bunggul again were an interesting place to watch and learn what that may look like...