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Australian hospital statistics 2007-08

This report presents a broad range of information about types of admissions to and expenditure in Australian public and private hospitals. In 2007-08 there were: 7.9 million hospitalisations , 60% of these were in public acute hospitals; 566,000 admissions from public hospital elective surgery waiting...

Injury as a chronic health issue in Australia

This briefing provides an overview of injury as a chronic health issue in Australia. The report highlights the long-term health consequences following severe injury and the effects on individual's physical and psychosocial wellbeing. Types of injuries covered include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, severe...

Sentinel events in Australian public hospitals 2004-05

Sentinel events in public hospitals 2004-05 is the first joint publication of the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and presents data on the number and nature of sentinel events occurring in Australian hospitals...

Effective practices for service delivery coordination in Indigenous communities

This resource sheet explores what is known about service delivery coordination activities in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia. It examines the principles that underpin service delivery coordination efforts to improve the wellbeing of Indigenous Australians. Drawing on research, documented practice, and practitioner knowledge...

Alcohol and other drug treatment services in Australia 2005-06: findings from the National Minimum Data Set

This report presents data on publicly funded alcohol and other drug treatment services and their clients, including information about the types of drugs for which treatment is sought and the types of treatment provided. The data contained in this bulletin are derived from the comprehensive...

Patient-based substudies from BEACH: abstracts and research tools 1999-2006

BEACH (Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health) is a continuous national study of general practice activity. Since 1998 over 9,000 GPs have recorded details regarding approximately 900,000 GP-patient encounters on structured paper forms. The report is designed to assist GPs and other researchers by...

Health and community services labour force, 2001

This report contains information on people employed in health and community services in 2001. It is divided into broad sections on the population, economy and industry context; characteristics of health and community services workers; health occupations; community services occupations; and geographic regions.

A guide to data development

Based on the extensive experience of the AIHW this guide covers the basics of data development and the steps to follow when developing data. It outlines sound data development practices that incorporate the necessary steps to produce high-quality data that meet the needs of all...

Community housing 2007-08

This publication reports on Commonwealth State Housing Agreement community housing assistance, providing the data items and performance indicators collected to meet the requirements of the CSHA national performance reporting framework.Housing assistance is provided under the 2003 Commonwealth State Housing Agreement (CSHA) in six program areas...

Disability and disability services in Australia

This publication is based on an extract from Australia’s Welfare 2005, the institute’s comprehensive report on national information on welfare services. This publication is based on an extract from Australia’s Welfare 2005, the institute’s comprehensive report on national information on welfare services.