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The Commonwealth Budget: a quick guide - May 2018 update

This quick guide identifies information and key concepts that are used in the budget papers and related materials, and other resources that are available to analyse the budget.
Briefing paper

Commonwealth arts policy and administration

This paper provies an overview of Commonwealth arts policy and administrative developments from Federation to the present day. It covers: Introduction From Deakin to McMahon The Whitlam Government The Fraser Government The Hawke Government The Keating Government The Howard Government The Rudd Government The briefing...

An overview of the effectiveness of closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance

As part of a raft of proposed new counter-terrorism measures, the prime minister announced that the government planned to develop a National Code of Practice for CCTV Systems. The Council of Australian Governments agreed that all governments would conduct a review of 'the functionality, location...

Queensland election 2009

This research paper analyses the 2009 Queensland state election and argues that the result demonstrates that despite running a budget deficit resulting from a large spending program, a Labor government can still be re-elected.

Money for nothing? Australia in the global middle class welfare debate

Middle class welfare has been a controversial issue in policy debates in Australia in recent years. The research examined in the paper suggests that the issues relating to middle class welfare are more complex than generally suggested in the various debates on this topic in...

Australia's settlement services for migrants and refugees 2009

Australia's settlement services for refugees and migrants have evolved over the last 60 years from the provision of basic on-arrival accommodation and assistance, to more intensive support programs targeted at meeting the specific needs of humanitarian entrants. * In recent years there has been an...

In the shadows: the Shadow Cabinet in Australia

This report discusses the roles, functions and procedures of the modern Australian shadow cabinet. It aims to redress the shortage of material on the Shadow Cabinet, and provide the reader with a better understanding of what the Shadow Cabinet does and how it operates. Joel...

Budget 2009–10

The key features of a selection of crucial Budget measures are discussed in this detailed report. The first article, Budget 2009–10: Key features, provides a macroeconomic analysis and commentary of the Budget including the assumptions underpinning the government’s fiscal policy and the main spending and...

Funding regional and local community infrastructure

Local governments are struggling to provide sufficient levels of infrastructure for their communities while community organisations have been hit by a significant drop in donations, according to this report. The report presents a series of principles which the committee believes are fundamental to the development...

Water requirements of nuclear power stations

Currently the Government is undertaking a feasibility study into the possibility of establishing a nuclear power industry in Australia. Among the concerns raised about the development of a nuclear power industry in Australia is the amount of water consumed by nuclear power plants compared with...