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Ethnographic approaches to the practices of scholarly communication: tackling the mess of academia

In my anthropological research in academic libraries, and in higher education generally, I have encountered a contrast between the ways that institutions approach the information systems they build and buy, and how people use those systems. Confronting the ‘mess’ of people’s everyday practice is a...

From housing assets, to housing people: fixing Australia's social housing system

This paper develops a model that allows Australia’s governments to move from incremental, temporary measures to treat the symptoms of the dying funding model for Australia's social housing.
Conference paper

The life cycle cost of standalone solar air-water heat pumps for Australian homes

To combat increasing electricity prices due to the high operating costs of conventional reverse cycle air-airheat pumps (RC-AA-HP), they can be powered by standalone PV systems as a radical demand side energy management solution. However, the heavy power consumption of their compressors necessitates very large...

Election FactCheck: is crime getting worse in Australia?

Former federal MP, Pauline Hanson, is back on the campaign trail for a Senate seat in Queensland. In a recent interview she said a lot of people she had talked to did not believe they were safe and that with regular stories on crime in...
Working paper

Modelling the impacts of a cut to company tax in Australia

Modelling conducted at the Centre of Policy Studies using the Vic-Uni model of the Australian economy concurs with the finding that a cut in company tax would have a positive impact on the rate of growth of GDP. However, recognising that GDP is not the...

Best practices for conducting risky research and protecting yourself from online harassment

This document is a set of best practices for researchers who wish to engage in research that may make them susceptible to online harassment. It provides recommendations for academic institutions, supervisors, and individuals, including cyber-security guidelines and links to other resources.
Annual Report

Optimization of standalone solar heat fired absorption chiller for typical Australian homes

The increased penetration of residential air-conditioners (AC); specifically vapor compression types, is regarded as one of the foremost causes of a dramatic rise in critical peak electricity demands requiring corresponding upgrades of electricity infrastructures. These upgrades requires heavy investments, consequently, driving up electricity prices. Solar...

Health and digital: reducing inequalities, improving society

In July 2013 Tinder Foundation and NHS England began the three-year Widening Digital Participation programme, aiming to help more than 220,000 people improve their digital health skills. There is a huge crossover between those who are digitally excluded, and those at risk of poor health...

NSW Aboriginal arts and cultural strategy 2015-2018

The New South Wales Aboriginal arts and cultural strategy was developed in two stages: stage one 2010 - 2014 and stage two 2015-2018. Stage two of the strategy aims to build employment capability in a strong, contemporary multi-disciplinary Aboriginal arts and cultural sector in New...
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Garma Festival 2016 report

2016 Garma Festival Theme: The Land is our Backbone - 40th Anniversary of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act. This year's Garma Festival made some important progress on a number of issues which go to the heart of Indigenous well-being.