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Regional labour markets: naturally less efficient?

This paper argues that the Government's model of the labour market is flawed.
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The real cost of direct action: An analysis of the Coalition's Direct Action Plan

The Coalition has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by five per cent on 2000 levels by 2020. It proposes to achieve this target with a "Direct Action Plan": a competitive grant scheme that would buy greenhouse gas reductions from businesses and farmers. Over the...

Richard Denniss in conversation with Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown

Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown joins The Australia Institute's Executive Director Dr Richard Denniss at Politics in the Pub to discuss 'Greening Government'. Duration: 15 min 22 sec.

The Australian wine tax regime: Assessing industry claims

Cask wine produced from grapes grown along the Murray River is being sold for less than the cost of bottled water, this report reveals. With up to 960 litres of water used to make a single litre of cask wine, and bottled water retailing for...

Mining the truth: the rhetoric and reality of the commodities boom

"The future is in our hands, and it will be defined by the way we handle the current minerals boom. Get it wrong, and we falter. Get it right, and we set the nation up for decades to come."Prime Minister, the Hon. Julia Gillard

Rubbery figures: An examination of the claimed and likely cost of poker machine reform in Australia

Industry claims that poker machine reform will cost $5 billion can only be described as fanciful, with a new analysis by The Australia Institute showing that the cost is likely to be between $171 million and $342 million. The Institute’s Executive Director Dr Richard Denniss...

The use and abuse of economic modelling in Australia

Economic modelling can and often does make a useful contribution to policy debates, but the fact that it sometimes can should not be confused with the conclusion that it always will. Economic modelling has, for many people involved in Australian policy debates, become synonymous with...

Too much of a good thing? The macroeconomic case for slowing down the mining boom

The purpose of this paper is to consider a feature of the mining boom which has been barely considered in the Australian policy debate to date, namely, how fast should the mining construction boom be allowed to develop?

Is Australia a high tax country?

In a recent survey The Australia Institute conducted they asked whether respondents considered Australia to be a high tax country compared to other developed nations. 66 per cent said yes! The OECD tells us that Australia is the 6th lowest taxing country. But even though...
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Design principles for fiscal policy in a pandemic

This paper details key economic criteria to help assess the effectiveness of the future stimulus measures and structural support needed to recover from the COVID-19 economic crisis.