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Participation Review Taskforce report

This report examines how participation requirements for parents and mature age job seekers receiving income support payments could be adjusted to better take account of their family and community responsibilities.

Workforce participation rates: how does Australia compare?

This paper examines the comparability of international workforce participation rates and seeks to better understand the magnitude of the gap between Australia's workforce participation rates and those of other OECD countries.

Pre-employment screening: Working with children checks and police checks

Most states and territories have introduced legislation providing for child-related employment pre-screening, or are working towards such legislation but there are important differences across jurisdictions regarding the type of screening programs that are in place, what records are checked, and who is required to undergo...
Discussion paper

Reform of the taxation of employee share schemes

Following community concerns with the changes in the the taxation of employee share schemes announced on Budget night and the possible unintended adverse impacts, the government has fast-tracked the consultation process on this change. This consultation paper and exposure draft bill seeks to provide a...
Journal article

Wikidentities: Young people collaborating on virtual identities in social network sites

We propose that the concept of the wiki may be useful for understanding the kinds of virtual identities that are constructed, visually presented, and narrated in online contexts, such as MySpace. Wikis and social networking sites (SNS) are arguably two of the most popular tools...

The employment dynamics of women with not-employed partners

Labour force data shows that the employment rate of women who have not-employed partners is lower than partnered women with employed partners. To help to understand why the employment rates might be lower in families with not-employed husbands, Jennifer Baxter analyses women's labour force data...

Regional employment and income opportunities provided by renewable energy generation

This report gives detailed analysis about Australian clean energy jobs. Renewable energy generation is likely to expand markedly over the next two decades. The Federal Government is planning to implement the Renewable Energy Target Scheme (RET), which mandates 45,000 GWh of additional renewable energy generation...

Pension schemes for the self-employed in OECD countries

Self-employed workers make up a small but significant minority of the workforce in many OECD countries. This paper reviews three key aspects of pension schemes available to self-employed workers: coverage, contributions and benefits. Key findings include the fact that the self-employed are covered by the...

Better work? Low pay, trade unions and regulation

There were many parallels between the Australian union movement’s Your Rights At Work campaign in the lead up to the election of the Rudd Government in 2007 and the Obama campaign juggernaut in 2008. Both mobilised and engaged an unprecedented number of campaign workers, donors...
Discussion paper

Review of .au domain name policy framework

auDA's 2007 Names Policy Panel is currently reviewing the policy framework for .au domain names, including whether .au should be opened up to direct registrations (eg.; whether the policy rules for domain names should be changed; and whether registrants should be allowed to sell...