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Discussion paper

Can't stand the heat: the energy security risk of Australia’s reliance on coal and gas generators in an era of increasing heatwaves

This paper argues that Australia’s reliance on an ageing fleet of coal and gas power plants that are unable to cope with increasing temperatures and more frequent heatwaves is the single greatest threat to the energy security of our electricity system.
Discussion paper

Choice cuts: the advantages of cutting emissions in the electricity sector

This paper highlights the difficulties that the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) presents to agriculture, manufacturing and other sectors of the economy.
Briefing paper

Principles for designing a National Integrity Commission

This paper argues that a National Integrity Commission is urgently needed to investigate and expose corruption and misconduct in federal government and the public sector.
Discussion paper

Trump’s tax plan: Australian perspective

This paper reviews the implications of the latest Trump tax plan for Australia; in particular that part of the plan that involves changes to the company tax arrangements.
Discussion paper

Adani impact by Queensland electorate: how Galilee Basin development affects the economics and politics of the existing Queensland coal industry

This discussion paper draws on modelling by coal industry analysts, which shows that a big expansion of coal exports from the Galilee Basin would have a major impact on coal production from coal mines in the Bowen and Surat basins in southern Queensland.

Redirecting Adani’s NAIF loan into other industries

Stopping the NAIF loan to Adani and redirecting it to other industries makes good sense economically, environmentally and politically, argues Tom Swann.
Discussion paper

Silencing dissent: non-government organisations and Australian democracy

Non-government organisations are an essential component of a healthy and robust democracy. Recently, however, the legitimacy of NGOs and their contribution to democratic processes has been under attack, and there has been a serious deterioration in relations between the federal government and NGOs. Drawing on...
Discussion paper

The cost of corruption: the growing perception of corruption and its cost to GDP

Australia has fallen six positions on the international Corruption Perception Index since 2012, and recent polling shows 85% of Australians think there is corruption in federal politics.

Economies of shale: submission on the draft report of the Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the Northern Territory

The Australia Institute has made this submission on the Draft Report of the Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the Northern Territory (the Inquiry). The submission focuses on Chapter 13 Economic Impacts of the Draft Report and the report by ACIL Allen.
Briefing paper

Victoria’s anti-corruption watchdog is still too weak

This briefing paper outlines the flaws in the operation of Victoria’s corruption watchdog, IBAC.