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Linking climate and health in the Pacific

LAST MONTH at the World Health Organisation conference on climate change in Copenhagen, WHO experts outlined the impact of climate change on human health, and how improvements in environmental conditions could reduce the global disease burden by more than 25 per cent. The WHO has...

$15.3 million for town squares in a feudal broadband system

FORGET media diversity in the fast broadband world. The new model for local media is top-down and centrally controlled.

A moral obligation

THE RUDD GOVERNMENT should help out the United States by accepting some of the remaining seventeen Uighur detainees currently being held at Guantanamo Bay. The Uighurs, ethnically Turkic Muslins who populate China’s north-west, have been detained at Guantanamo since 2002, despite having no known connection...

Plastic policies

THERE IS BROAD agreement that Australian plastic bag consumption should be reduced. To this end, recent South Australian legislation has banned certain types of plastic bags. But other states wishing to reduce their plastic bag consumption may find a tax rather than a ban the...

Hypocrisy and people smuggling

People smuggling is a matter of considerable political concern to Western governments, and has received much international attention in recent years.

Charter of rights: lessons from Germany

THE TWENTY-THIRD OF MAY marked the sixtieth anniversary of the coming into effect of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany, the so-called Grundgesetz (“basic law”). The groundwork for the new constitution had been prepared about a year earlier by a group of experts...

The gender divide: forty years on

OVER THE PAST FOUR DECADES women have been playing catch up with men in terms of wages, education levels and wealth. It is hard to believe that just forty years ago, women in the public service were forced to resign when they got married; and...

Is demography moving against the Coalition? Age and the conservative vote in Australia, 1987-2010

Should we expect the current pattern of older voter support for the Coalition to continue undisturbed or might we see a movement away from the Coalition as the bulge of ‘baby boomers’ move into the ranks of older Australians and moderate this conservatism? This paper...

APO Digital Inclusion Collection brief: August 2019

This snapshot is inspired by the initiation of the Digital Health Literacy program being piloted for the Australian Digital Health Agency between July and December 2019. This program will deliver training to support people to improve their digital health literacy, including how to find quality...

Big Australia: Governments need to decide if they want 'Green' Australia or 'White' Australia

Without a realistic population debate and without a set of policies to sustainably support a 30 million plus population, many Australians will start to resist and resent immigration and it won't be able to sustain anything close to a 'green' environment, argues Jo Coghlan.