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Recalibrating culture: production, consumption, policy

Advancing knowledge and understanding of contemporary cultural employment and activity, this research focuses on artists and cultural practitioners, exploring how they work and survive.
Discussion paper

Remaking of the Copyright Regulations 1969 and the Copyright Tribunal (Procedure) Regulations 1969 - consultation paper

This consultation process is intended to draw stakeholder views on whether the Copyright Regulations Exposure Draft and the TPM Regulations Exposure Draft (Exposure Drafts) are fit for purpose, including whether they may be further simplified or modernised.
Discussion paper

An open and creative city: planning for culture and the night time economy

The City of Sydney has released this discussion paper, which proposes a long-term vision and details strategies for Sydney’s night time economy and cultural life.

Digital culture 2017

This study provides detailed insight on digital for arts and cultural organisations to affect change within their own work, along with an in-depth analysis of the major trends to guide policy makers and sector support organisations.

Reframing graffiti and street art in the City of Sydney

The aims of the report are to review the City of Sydney’s current policies and practices towards graffiti and street art, and to make recommendations about how these policies and practices could be improved.
Annual Report

Comms and Arts annual report 16/17

This report outlines the operations and performance of the Department of Communications and the Arts for the financial year ended 30 June 2017. It has been prepared in accordance with the provisions of section 46 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.
Draft report

Our people, culture and place: a plan to sustain Ballarat's heritage

This plan brings together social and economic development goals with conservation goals, guided by international best practice – UNESCO’s Historic Urban Landscape approach (HUL).

Living culture: First Nations arts participation and wellbeing

This web page presents arts and culture data from the ABS’s National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey and analysis.

Matching the crowd - Combining crowdfunding and institutional funding to get great ideas off the ground

This study examines the impact of matched crowdfunding as a new means of getting ideas and projects off the ground, through analysis of a £251,500 matched crowdfunding pilot for arts and heritage projects.

Making art work: an economic study of professional artists in Australia

This report highlights the challenges and opportunities faced by professional artists in Australia.