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Industrial strategy: building a Britain fit for the future

This white paper sets out a long-term plan to boost the productivity and earning power of people throughout the United Kingdom.

Risky business: the problems of Indigenous business policy

This research argues that there is definite potential for Indigenous-owned business to act as a major stimulant for economic development.
Journal article

Economic and community development through innovative local government

The research asked the question: what are the factors that contribute to an innovative culture in local government organisations?
Journal article

Innovation and institutional strategies for local enterprise development

This research outlines a typology for sustainable locaI enterprise development, which identifies the key roles of both individual innovators and local institutions.
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The pitfalls of economic development in the United States

This paper briefly reviews of the forces of change in the New Economy that rural development organisations need to understand and summarises a number of economic development "pitfalls," that many rural American development organisations have experienced.

2017-18 Budget medium-term projections: economic scenario analysis

The purpose of these reports is to provide additional detail on the impacts of economic scenarios on the medium-term budget position, including the effects on major revenue and expenditure areas of the budget.

The missing middle: a political economy of economic restructuring in Vietnam

Despite impressive economic performance, Vietnam’s strong trade and investment gains have yet to fully overcome the vestiges of its economic past.

Tasmania report 2016

This report tracks Tasmania’s progress towards the attainment of improved results in jobs, construction, exports, new businesses, housing, health status and educational achievement.

Infrastructure in the Pacific: learnings from completed investments 2004-2013

Selected infrastructure investments completed between 2004-2013 by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) were evaluated. The purpose of the evaluation is to independently inform MFAT of improvements that can be made within current infrastructure investments in the Pacific and lessons learned...

Renewable energy investments in the Pacific: a process evaluation

The purpose of the process evaluation of its 2011-2015 renewable energy infrastructure investments is to independently inform the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) of improvements and learnings that can be made to the planning and management of such Activities. This includes...