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Provision of services under the NDIS for people with psychosocial disabilities related to a mental health condition

The NDIS eligibility criteria for people with mental illness is a central concern for all stakeholders. This report found that whilst the current eligibility criteria could be improved to provide greater clarity, the apparent reliance on diagnosis, rather than functional needs, is likely to result...

Dual citizenship and Section 44: what role of the court?

The relevance of Section 44 of the Australian Constitution has again been questioned. Despite the Prime Minister’s constitutionally inappropriate foretelling of the outcome, the High Court’s decision is far from predictable.

Ways of protecting and strengthening Australia's multiculturalism and social inclusion - final report

This Senate Committee report looks at ways of protecting and strengthening multiculturalism and social inclusion in Australia.

Policy Quarterly issue in focus: 2017 General election

Focuses on some of the important policy issues facing New Zealand as it enters the 2017 general election.

Market-led proposal guidelines

These guidelines set out the criteria for submitting market-led proposals for infrastructure or services, what is expected of proponents at each stage of the process, what proponents can expect from government at each stage of the process, and how proposals are to be assessed by...
Discussion paper

Discussion guide: the community engagement charter

This guide has been produced to help South Australians develop the new Community Engagement Charter for Planning. This Guide includes information on what a Community Engagement Charter is, what the principles of good community engagement are, and some examples of good community engagement practice in...
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What makes governments innovative?

Amidst all the enthusiasm for 'innovation,' there is only limited understanding of what makes governments innovative. What factors support public sector innovation?

The land that fell to Earth

Britain has spiralled into political failure since voting to leave the European Union. What happened, and what happens next? David Hayes takes a look.

Update on Australian Government measures to counter violent extremism: a quick guide

This quick guide provides an update on Australian government measures and funding for countering violent extremism (CVE).
Discussion paper

The case for a federal corruption watchdog: ICAC needed to fill the gaps in our integrity system

This paper argues that to ensure any corruption and misconduct in our federal government and public sector is investigated and exposed, a federal anti-corruption commission will need strong investigative powers, broad jurisdiction similar to the New South Wales ICAC and other successful state-based commissions, and...