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Remote control: the Community Development Program, remote Australia’s work for the dole scheme

The Community Development Program (CDP) is remote Australia’s Work for the Dole (WFD) and 'job assistance' scheme. The CDP has been criticised by civil society groups, Indigenous groups, academics and even police, with allegations that it pays below minimum wage and its penalty system is...
Briefing paper

The arbitrary 23.9 per cent tax revenue to GDP figure: from a convenient assumption to a ‘speed limit’

This briefing paper shows the recently announced 23.9% tax-to-GDP cap is entirely arbitrary, and that a strict tax cap with no policy change will severely limit choices in government spending.

Beating Around the Bush

Since the beginning of the mining boom Australia's rural sector has lost $43.5 billion in export income. This includes $14.9 billion in 2010-11 alone. These losses have occurred because the mining boom has forced the Australian dollar to historic highs. The damage the mining boom...

The national greenhouse accounts and land clearing: Do the numbers add up?

Queensland government estimates of land clearing in Queensland between 1990 and 2001 are approximately 50 per cent higher than the Federal Government’s estimates. If the Queensland government figures are correct, Australia’s total greenhouse emissions may be well above the Kyoto target. Without the decline in...

High carbon from a land down under

The climate impact of Australia’s fossil fuel exports ranks behind only Russia and Saudi Arabia, in terms of global emissions, according to this report. Australian governments actively promote even greater coal and gas exports and our politicians work hard to avoid confronting the climate impacts...
Discussion paper

Keeping up with the competition: global trend to demand response

This paper outlines how the world’s major electricity markets are opening up to demand response competition, which will benefit consumers with lower prices and help maintain reliability.

'Clean coal' and other greenhouse myths

There is no longer any doubt that rising concentrations of greenhouse gases are leading to dangerous change in the global climate. In Australia, public and political opinion finally shifted in late 2006, with record droughts and an early start to the bushfire season. The Stern...

Oil in the Great Australian Bight: comparative report on employment potential

This research argues that opening up the Great Australian Bight to exploratory drilling for oil and gas is unlikely to have much of an effect on jobs, and could even threaten employment in other industries.

National Energy Emissions Audit: electricity update - August 2019

This issue contains some new graphs that show the nation's energy transition over the more than twenty years since the National Electricity Market was launched, in December 1998. In addition, this report has a particular focus on South Australia, where the transition is most advanced.
Discussion paper

The real cost of direct action: An analysis of the Coalition's Direct Action Plan

The Coalition has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by five per cent on 2000 levels by 2020. It proposes to achieve this target with a "Direct Action Plan": a competitive grant scheme that would buy greenhouse gas reductions from businesses and farmers. Over the...