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National comparison of cross-agency practice in investigating and responding to severe child abuse: a report for the NSW Ombudsman’s Office

This report summarises a comparison of Australian and select international jurisdictions against the approach of the Joint Investigation Response Team (JIRT) model in New South Wales.

Affordable housing in Victoria: what's next?

This presentation aimed to bring together key housing stakeholders for informed discussion. It shares the outcomes of applied research related to housing, planning and infrastructure.
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Equitable Density - report 3 - metropolitan scale

This final report focuses on policies, processes and economies that operate at the regional scale and their impact on lower income and disadvantaged households. It considers policies that affect the structural features of housing markets, policies and investment affecting urban regions, and the governance arrangements...
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Equitable Density - report 2 - neighbourhood scale

Higher density multi-unit residential developments, such as townhouses and apartment buildings (henceforth ‘higher density housing’), have become an increasingly common feature of Australian cities. Across the country, 2016 marked the first time when construction began on more higher density housing than detached houses. New South...
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Equitable Density - report 1 - the building scale

To begin, this report on the building scale considers the most important issues in both individual dwellings (e.g. apartments) and higher density buildings as a whole, and how these can influence the quality of life of lower income and vulnerable residents.

NSW home solar battery guide

This guide seeks to help consumers answer two questions: Would battery storage save me money? How do I choose the right battery system?

Migration memories of moving to regional Australia tell of obstacles and acceptance

There are arguments migrants can help drive growth in the regions and many who have chosen a new life in the country say it was a change for the better.

In the picture: understanding belonging and connection for young people with cognitive disability in regional communities through photorich research: final report

For young people with cognitive disability who live in regional Australia, very little is known about what helps and what hinders belonging and connection in their communities. This research addressed this gap in our knowledge by working collaboratively with young people.

Food waste opportunities within the food wholesale and retail sectors - final report

This research looked at where, why and how much food waste is currently generated by food retail and wholesale businesses, such as supermarkets and grocers. The research report also suggests ways the NSW EPA could support industry to maximise their efforts.

People matter for local government

This study, from the University of Technology Sydney Centre for Local Government, examines employee perceptions of council workplaces in NSW. Approximately 1,500 local government employees responded to the survey in 2016 and 2017.