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Disinformation society, communication and cosmopolitan democracy

This paper argues that ‘fake news’ is endemic to ‘information society’ as a whole, not just the internet or news media.

Broadband speed claims: industry guidance

The ACCC has published this guidance for retail service providers on how to advertise speeds for fixed-line broadband services, including clearly identifying typical peak speeds.

Why are data speeds sometimes lower than what consumers were expecting? Is nbn to blame with its infamous CVC charge?

NBN Co's CEO has launched a blistering attack on the telecommunications industry, blaming an "overcompetitive" market and "land grab environment" for the slow speeds experienced by consumers.

Government's social media policy reprehensible and absurd, civil libertarians say

Unions and civil liberties groups have described the federal government's new social media policy for public servants as reprehensible and absurd.
Audio interview

Media reforms due for debate as Channel Ten's future hangs in the balance

Long-awaited media reforms are due for debate in the Senate, and it can't come soon enough for the struggling television network, Channel Ten.

5G's new frontier

Backers of 5G promise breathtaking speed and ultra-reliability. But does Australia need its own vision for the new wireless networks? Jock Given takes a closer look.
Discussion paper

ASIC’s access to telecommunications intercept material

This ASIC Enforcement Review Taskforce position paper outlines reforms to enhance ASIC’s access to telephone intercepts for the investigation and prosecution of serious corporate law offences.

Dance of the elephants

Despite Nick Xenophon’s efforts, less powerful players were squeezed out of the media reform deal.
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Melbourne Press Club - Laurie Oakes address

In a speech to the Melbourne Press Club on 15 September 2017, veteran political journalist, Laurie Oakes, said Australian politics is floundering because contemporary politicians lack the wit and bravery of great former leaders such as Paul Keating.

"Better things to do": Husic logs off Twitter

It's the preferred platform of Donald Trump, but to some politicians in Australia, Twitter isn't worth the energy.