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100 kids, a green shed, endless red dirt and a few stray camels: reconsidering health in the heart of Australia

In 2005 the author was employed as a youth worker in a remote Northern Territory community. In this paper she makes observations about the level of disadvantage evident in the community. She describes the early life experiences and health status of the community, and problems...

9th National Rural Health Conference: standing up for rural health: learning from the past, action for the future

The 9th National Rural Health Conference took place in Albury in 2007, with the theme: 'Standing up for rural health: learning from the past, action for the future'. The conference presents papers on research and service issues of concern to rural and remote Australia, which...

Summary of observations following the inspection of mainland immigration detention facilities

On the basis of a tour of facilities the commission concludes that there have been substantial efforts to improve the physical environment, reduce the tension levels, enhance the programs and activities available to detainees and improve the mental health services. Nevertheless, detainees are still held...

Protecting Australia against terrorism 2006

This publication updates and builds on the 2004 edition to provide a comprehensive overview of Australia’s domestic and international counter-terrorism strategy, policy and arrangements. It explains the steps the Australian government has taken to protect Australians and Australian interests against the threat of terrorism, and...

Finding a better way: a bold departure from the traditional common law approach to the conduct of legal proceedings

A report on the origins, objectives and characteristics of the Family Court of Australia's innovative approach to the conduct of family law litigation. In an approach pioneered by the Family Court of Australia, family law has recently undergone the most significant change to the way...
Conference paper

A Qualitative Study to the Telemedicine System in Taiwan: The Views of Medical Profession

Taiwan launched a telemedicine service for rural area since 1995. In this study, a qualitative evaluations of Taiwan's telemedicine was performed to assess various measures of effectiveness (e.g., diagnostic accuracy), efficiency (e.g., cost), and participant's altitudes to determine its success. Qualitative data were collected from...
Journal article

A regional economic performance matrix: an aid to regional economic policy development

This paper presents a model for regional policy makers as an aid to developing policy for regional economic development. The approach to developing the model follows strategic management principles whereby planning is based on setting objectives in the light of environmental scanning for factors that...

The state of the world's children 2007: women and children the double dividend of gender equality

The State of the World’s Children 2007 examines the discrimination and disempowerment women face throughout their lives – and outlines what must be done to eliminate gender discrimination and empower women and girls. It looks at the status of women today, discusses how gender equality...

Career moves: destination and satisfaction survey of 2005 HSC VET students in New South Wales

Vocational education and training (VET) in schools have been used in Australian high schools to help increase school retention. In New South Wales, student participation levels in these subjects have grown considerably, from 16% in 1996 to 44% in 2004. To examine the value of...

Creating Child Friendly Cities conference: outcomes and directions statement

This document outlines the findings of this research conference and look at future directions and key actions.