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Interim report - future of Australia's steel industry

This interim report presents an overview of the steel industry in Australia and the current challenges and pressures, with a particular focus on Arrium steel and the Whyalla region.

Working in the Australian entertainment industry: final report

This report has uncovered serious health and wellbeing concerns for those who work in the Australian entertainment and creative industries. Mental health problems, drug and alcohol use, and suicidality are prominent. Indicators of anxiety and depression symptomology are well over the general population norms; suicide...

Benchmarking impact: Australian impact investment activity and performance report 2016

This report presents the findings from analysis of market-based impact investmentactivity and performance data for a data-set of Australian impact investments activeas at 30 June 2015.
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A review of photovoltaic thermal (PV/T) heat utilisation with low temperature desiccant cooling and dehumidification

One of the major obstacles to improving solar thermal cooling technologies is the high operating temperature requirements of most solar thermal cooling systems. This paper reviews recent advances that could reduce the required heat source temperatures for solar desiccant cooling to the range of 50°C–60°C...
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Passive and active cooling for the outdoor built environment

Local and global climate change increases the ambient temperature of cities by several degrees with important consequences on energy consumption, health and the economy. Advanced urban mitigation technologies contribute to decrease the ambient temperature and counterbalance the impact of urban heat islands. The present paper...
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Climate-induced migration and displacement: closing the policy gap

This briefing explores climate-induced migration and displacement, which is seen to be falling between the policy gaps. Existing international frameworks and national policies are yet to make the crucial link between climate change impact on the frequency and intensity of extreme climate events, environmental degradation...

Mates over merit: the women in media report

Respondents to a survey of 1,054 Australian journalists between September and December 2015 believe discrimination remains rife in the industry.
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Perceptions of cycling among high school students and their parents

Cycling is a healthy, low-cost, and low-carbon alternative to motorized transport. As a relatively fast active mode of transport, cycling can overcome the distance barrier of walking, while also providing cardiovascular exercise and reducing demand for motor vehicle travel. The “cycling renaissance” has seen an...

ASG parents report card 2016

The second edition of the ASG Parents Report 2016 investigates the state of education in Australia from parents’ perspective, and to understand how parents feel about the current educational environment in meeting their children’s learning needs. The 2016 report captures a broader snapshot of the...

Child deaths from vaccine preventable infectious diseases, NSW 2005-2014

This report was commissioned by the New South Wales (NSW) Child Death Review Team (CDRT) to: • Describe child deaths in NSW from diseases for which a vaccine is currently available in Australia, over the period 2005 to 2014; and • Provide recommendations to improve...