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Foreign ownership of housing – how do Australia and New Zealand compare?

Foreign national ownership of property is a growing concern for many countries, including New Zealand and Australia. From 2018, New Zealand is banning foreign ownership of residential property in an attempt to curb housing inflation and high vacancy rates.

Higher-density cities need greening to stay healthy and liveable

Cities are home to more than just people. We also need to accommodate the critters and plants who live in them.

Australia should be cautious about introducing laws on coercive control to stem domestic violence

How valuable is the introduction of new legal categories as a way of improving responses to intimate partner violence?

This is how to create social hubs that make 20-minute neighbourhoods work

This article looks at how people’s access to neighbourhood centres and the diversity of buildings and commercial uses found there influences how, and to what extent, we interact.

Amazon’s track record may signal a change in Australian industrial relations

The arrival of Amazon in Australia may signal a change in how we navigate industrial relations and workers rights.

The dual citizenship saga shows our Constitution must be changed, and now

It is time to accept that Section 44 of the Australian Constitution is irretrievably broken. In its current form, it is creating chaos that is consuming our politicians, argues Joe McIntyre.
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How do we turn a drain into valued green space? First, ask the residents

A sound knowledge of how informal green spaces are used, or of why they are not being used, can inform planners and decision-makers when intervening in such spaces to increase the liveability of urban neighbourhoods. Read the full article on The Conversation

Why are rates of domestic violence in Australia still so high?

In the last few years, significant resources have been devoted to changing attitudes towards domestic violence – so why aren’t the numbers going down?

They know where you go: dockless bike sharing looms as the next disruptor – if key concerns are fixed

Beyond the benefits of dockless bike sharing for people’s mobility and health, these services are producing an ever more useful byproduct: journey data, which could be a powerful tool for city planners and policymakers

A high price for policy failure: the ten-year story of spiralling electricity bills

Electricity prices have become a political hot potato, and the blame game has been running unchecked for more than a year, writes David Blowers.