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Hidden energy poverty: case studies research project

Australian households have faced sharp increases in energy prices over the past decade. Household water bills have also increased. Higher numbers of households are experiencing electricity and/or gas disconnections due to non-payment of bills and joining energy retailer hardship programs to remain connected. As a...
Audio interview

Changing cities for the future

Our cities were designed for a world of the past. Private cars now clog our streets during peak hour and most daylight hours on weekends. Some Asian cities are jammed 24/7. So what should we do? Build more roads? Or build for the fast changes...
Draft report

National water reform - Productivity Commission draft report

This draft report looks at progress with the reform of Australia's water resources sector. with particular emphasis on the Intergovernmental Agreement on a National Water Initiative (NWI)

Visions & Pathways 2040

This video shows people that it’s possible to cut Australian cities’ greenhouse gas emission by 80% by 2040, and helps people imagine what a low carbon future city might be like to live in.

The future of mobility

This report examines the social and technological drivers of change in the transport sector. It argues that technologies in isolation will not be the silver bullet that solves transport problems, rather they will form part of an integrated mobility network that must also include high...
Fact sheet

Fuel economy of Australian passenger vehicles: a regional perspective

This information sheet presents Australian data on how realised rates of fuel consumption vary over time, and how the rates depend on key vehicle characteristics such as number of cylinders, fuel type and vehicle age.

National Energy Emissions Audit – electricity update August 2017

This issue of the NEEA electricity update focuses on the network costs component of retail prices, with a look back at how and why this has increased over the past ten years.

NSW home solar battery guide

This guide seeks to help consumers answer two questions: Would battery storage save me money? How do I choose the right battery system?

Implementing sustainability in the built environment

This project analysed the role of building and planning policy and regulations in delivering sustainable buildings and cities. It reviews policy and best practice, analyses VCAT data and cases, and draws on focus group results.

Power to the people: WA's energy future

This report argues that the energy sector is changing rapidly globally and nationally; and that Western Australia needs a plan to navigate its way through these changes and towards a sustainable and affordable energy future.