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Short-term holiday letting in NSW: options paper

There has been a rapid growth in short-term holiday letting (STHL) both nationally and in NSW over recent years particularly since the emergence of online booking services and the development of the sharing economy.
Policy report

Why landlords and investors love the Auckland unitary plan, and why you shouldn't

Investigates the political and economic aspects of the Auckland Unitary Plan in the context of historical and contemporary processes of capitalist displacement of the poor and marginalised.

Remote Indigenous housing system: a systems social assessment

The poor state of Indigenous housing in remote areas is generally acknowledged as one of Australia's most intractable housing problems. The thesis examines why the remote Indigenous housing system does not meet the housing needs of Indigenous people in remote areas and discusses an alternative...

Housing affordability: the real cost of housing in WA

The cost of housing in Western Australia has been a recurrent theme in discussions in West Australian homes, businesses and the policy environment. A long held perception is that housing affordability in the state has spiralled out of control, with rents along with house prices...

National social housing survey: detailed results 2016

This report provides an overview of national-level, state and territory findings, as well as comparisons across public housing, state-owned and managed Indigenous housing, and community housing tenants.

Beyond the home gates: Life after growing up in Catholic institutions

Over the twentieth century, over half a million children were institutionalised across Australia, 100,000 of them in Victoria. This report, Beyond the Home Gates: Life After Growing Up in Catholic Institutions, was developed in the wake of the third of three Australian inquiries concerned with...

A collaborative partnership approach to affordable housing in Vancouver, Toronto, Portland and Melbourne

Vancouver, Toronto, Portland, and Melbourne – are thriving economically, yet have poor housing affordability outcomes, including an increasing number of low and moderate income households who cannot afford rents or mortgage repayments. This lecture compares recent partnerships for affordable housing, and perceived benefits of a...

The opportunities, risks and possibilities of social impact investment for housing and homelessness

This study investigated the opportunities and risks for social impact investments (SII) to improve housing and homelessness outcomes in Australia. It described what social impact investing is and its application to housing and homelessness policy in Australia, as well as examined different finance models and...

Australia's housing affordability crisis and private investment: what can be done?

This article argues that it is not economically viable for Australian super funds to invest in the Australian build-to-rent market and explores how our governments can take steps in providing critical economic infrastructure to combat the public housing shortage.
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What can HILDA tell you about Australia?

The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey is a nationally representative longitudinal study of Australian households funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services and managed by the Melbourne Institute at the University of Melbourne.