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Economic and community development through innovative local government

The research asked the question: what are the factors that contribute to an innovative culture in local government organisations?

Interim guidelines on EPA use of unmanned aircraft

These interim guidelines describe the circumstances where the EPA may use unmanned aircraft (including drones) for regulatory functions, and discusses the appropriate balance between safety, privacy and efficiency.

Attracting millennials to regional New South Wales

This research looks at the travel choices of Australian young people, to examine ways to entice millennials to visit regional New South Wales (NSW).
Journal article

Regional implementation of natural resources management policies in NSW

This article, published in 1994, explains some of the management and policy approaches adopted in NSW to improve the quality of water supplies and protect the environment.
Discussion paper

Off-the-plan contracts for residential property

This paper identifies a set of reform proposals that the NSW government is considering, designed to strengthen protections for consumers buying property off-the-plan.
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Non-intentional farm injury fatalities in NSW, Australia, 2001–2015

Agriculture is one of the most hazardous industry, but new research shows there has been no improvement in work-related fatality rates in the sector in NSW for at least 15 years.

Greener places: establishing an urban green infrastructure policy for New South Wales

This draft 'Green Infrastructure' strategy has been prepared to guide the planning, design and delivery of Green Infrastructure in urban areas across New South Wales.

AER electricity wholesale performance monitoring: NSW electricity market advice - December 2017

This report found that short-term fuel issues and longer-term market challenges have combined to cause sustained high prices for wholesale electricity in New South Wales.
Journal article

Support for food policy initiatives is associated with knowledge of obesity-related cancer risk factors

This study looks at the impact awareness about links between obesity and cancer have on public support for food policy initiatives, like better labeling or taxes on unhealthy foods.

Report on internal controls and governance 2017

Effective internal controls and governance systems help agencies to operate efficiently and effectively and comply with relevant laws, standards and policies. This evaluation assesses how well agencies are implementing these systems, and highlights opportunities for improvement.