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Fly-in fly-out and regional impact assessments

The purpose of this study is to recommend a suitable approach to modelling/analysing regional resource projects to ensure that the economic impacts of a FIFO versus a residential workforce are understood.
Briefing paper

Leading practice strategies for addressing the social impacts of resource developments

This briefing paper provides background on the the social challenges experienced in Queensland resource communities. It provides a compendium of strategies and working examples, drawn from case studies that aim to avoid and mitigate adverse impacts and enhance the positive social impacts of resource developments.

A picture of the nation: the Statistician's report on the 2006 Census

This Statistician's Report analyses information collected in the 2006 Census of Population and Housing and presents stories about contemporary society and trends that affect the lives of Australian people. The Statistician's Report analyses information collected in the 2006 Census of Population and Housing. It also...

Rooming house standards taskforce Chairperson's report

There is increasing evidence that in response to Melbourne’s tight rental market, a new model of for-profit rooming house provider has emerged.

The Swinburne national technology and society monitor 2008

The Swinburne National Technology and Society Monitor (SNTSM) provides an annual 'snapshot' of public perceptions of new technologies, science and technological change. This annual telephone survey involves interviews with a representative sample of 1000 Australian adults from all states and territories. The main findings of...

Private rent assistance 2007-08

This report presents data from the 2007–08 Commonwealth State Housing Agreement (CSHA) private rent assistance data collection.

Good starts for recently arrived youth with refugee backgrounds: Promoting wellbeing in the first three years of settlement in Melbourne, Australia

This report describes the key findings of a longitudinal study (2004—2008) investigating the experiences of settlement among a group of 120 recently arrived young people with refugee backgrounds settling in Melbourne, Australia.

Regions matter: economic recovery, innovation and sustainable growth

Why do some regions grow faster than others? This report suggests a role for public policy in ensuring that growth is maximised from the assets present in a region.

Inquiry into regional centres of the future

This report investigated development and enhancement of regional centres, focusing on the development of regional centres as places of economic, environmental, social and cultural innovation that enable regional Victoria to meet the challenge of predicted future population growth in Victoria.

Why health matters for economic performance

Health is a key component of individual and social wellbeing. Furthermore, the health of a population is a key driver of labour and capital investment and consequent economic growth. Good health can lead to higher gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in the long run...