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Supporting Roy's interests: an unconventional journey from the house to the workshop assisted by personalized fall prevention modifications

The relationships between older adults and their home environments are commonly built upon several decades of personal-expression, values and goals. However, fall preventative home modifications often create a dissonance between existing environments and efforts to prevent falls at home.
Conference paper

Caring for carers of people with dementia: A protocol for harnessing innovation through deploying leading edge technologies to enable virtual support groups and services

In rural Australia, knowledge and utilisation of support by informal carers is lacking. Developing and improving access to peer support to enable carers to effectively cope with the challenges of caring may positively influence their caring experience.

End of life at home: co-creating an ecology of care

Over 200 primary carers, and members of formal and informal caring networks across Australia, were interviewed for this study on end of life at home care. They participated in individual carer interviews and focus groups in eight urban and regional locations.

Tax avoidance by for-profit aged care companies: profit shifting on public funds

The chronic staffing crisis in Australia’s aged care system has led to dangerous workloads for nurses and carers resulting, too often, in missed care for vulnerable nursing home residents. This report finds that the big, 'for-profit' providers, clearly have the financial capacity to improve staffing...

Promoting social networks for older people in community aged care

Older people’s participation in social networks is a significant component of wellbeing. This briefing focuses on the nature and impact of older people’s social networks, and on how community aged care workers can promote participation in social networks by older clients living in their own...

Residential and community aged care in Australia

Among a series of recommendations thus report proposes the establishment of a national aged care forum, reporting directly to the Minister for Health and Ageing, to consider current and future challenges to the aged care sector. The report considers the funding, planning, allocation, capital and...
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55 (at least) and not out of the learning game: older regional students

This article explores older students' perceptions of formal, non-formal and informal learning in regional South Australia. Drawing on earlier studies as well as a continuing one, it compares: the study motiviations of students aged 55 and older enrolled formally in university undergraduate programs; the learning...

Pension Review report

The basic structure of Australia’s pension system, with its focus on poverty alleviation, indexation to community living standards and prices, and means testing, is sound, according to this report. However the system faces challenges in both the short and long term and reforms are needed...

The impact of demographic change on human capital accumulation

This paper investigates whether and to what extent demographic change has an impact on human capital accumulation. The effect of the relative cohort size on educational attainment of young adults in Germany is analyzed utilizing data from the German Socio-Economic Panel for West-German individuals of...
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Barriers to collaboration in mental health services for older people: external agency views

The need for mental health services for older people living in rural areas is increasing in South Australia. Providing such care requires coordination between several types of services across government, hospital and non-government sectors. The purpose of this study was to identify barriers to collaboration...