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Discussion paper: Review of the Freedom of Information Act 1989

This discussion paper forms part of a broader investigation by the office into the processes and procedures surrounding freedom of information in New South Wales. This investigation will also involve reviewing documents and auditing randomly-selected files from 18 different government agencies, as well as interviewing...

Government by algorithm

Automated welfare didn’t end with the robo-debt controversy. Here and overseas, governments are turning vital decisions over to computers.

Safety and cost effectiveness of private prisons

This audit examined whether two of Victoria’s private prisons, Port Phillip Prison and Fulham Correctional Centre, are safe and cost effective.

Fraud and corruption control

This audit examined the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority, Public Transport Victoria, and the now defunct Major Projects Victoria, and assessed whether their fraud and corruption controls were well designed and operating as intended.
Briefing paper

National Integrity Commission: Design blueprint

The Australia Institute’s National Integrity Committee of corruption fighters and retired judges has released the next stage in the design of a National Integrity Commission.

Dirty deeds, done for considerable amounts of money

The week’s two big political campaigning scandals — Cambridge Analytica’s data-harvesting and Labor’s funding scam in Victoria — highlight the temptations facing parties desperate to win government. For Labor, an Ombudsman’s report on the affair places valuable information in the hands of the Victorian Opposition.

The cost of privilege

This research, commissioned by Anglicare Australia, shows that each year, a staggering $68 billion in taxpayer dollars, greater than the cost of Newstart, disability support, or any other benefit, is spent keeping the wealthiest Australian households wealthy.

Kapasa: the Pacific policy analysis tool

The Kapasa is a tool for policy managers, advisors and analysts within government agencies to incorporate the needs, values, aspirations and experiences of Pacific peoples in the generic policy development process.
Briefing paper

Identity cards

Ray Jordan provides background on the 1980s proposal by the Labor government to introduce a national identity card (the Australia Card), its subsequent defeat, and on current initiatives by the Coalition government to consider an ID card in an effort to deter crime and terrorist...

ANZSOG Senior Indigenous Public Servant Forum report

The Indigenous Public Servant Forum brought together senior Indigenous public servants from Australia and New Zealand. The purpose of the forum was to establish cross-jurisdictional networks and share experiences of both challenges and success.