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Policy report

The benefits of trade

A brief report outlining the benefits of trade and trade liberalisation for New Zealanders.
Policy report

Youth suicide in New Zealand: a discussion paper

Considers prevention and intervention issues in youth suicide in New Zealand.
Working paper

The comparative wellbeing of the New Zealand Maori and Indigenous Australian populations since 2000

This paper argues that Indigenous economic wellbeing can be partly improved by addressing broader macroeconomic factors.

Screening for antisocial development

This thesis developed a behaviour screening procedure to identify those students at risk of anti-social behaviour.
Policy report

Perspectives on the US economy after 8 months of Trump

Recommends a return to New Zealand’s long-cherished bipartisan trade policy that has been damaged in recent years’ debates over the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Shrinking portions to low and middle‐income earners: inequality in wages & self‐employment 1998‐2015

This study shows rising inequality in the hourly rates of gross earnings (before tax and benefits) among both wage and salary earners and the self-employed over the period 1998-2015.

Insight: NZ's mental health at breaking point?

The World Health Organisation predicts that depression will be the second leading cause of disability in the world by 2020. What are New Zealand's services doing to keep up?
Audio interview

New Zealand's Labour Party unveils promise of free university: can it work?

New Zealand's Labour Party has unveiled its biggest promise of the election campaign, promising to make tertiary education free for the first three years of study.
Policy report

Using open data for policy

This is a summary of a New Zealand workshop on how to use open data for policy design.

Working harder, not smarter

Provides advice to financial investors on the New Zealand economy and it's labour market productivity in particular.