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Journal article

Widening participation to doctoral education and research degrees: a research agenda for an emerging policy issue

This article identifies an emerging widening participation focus on doctoral education.
Journal article

The Geelong project: 'A community of schools and youth services' model

The Geelong Project is one of eleven innovations projects funded under the Victorian Government's Homelessness Action Plan. The development of a community of schools and youth services model in Geelong preceded this funding opportunity, but the alignment of significant funding with an important community-driven research...
Briefing paper

Social infrastructure planning to support resources growth

Social infrastructure and service delivery is critical to maintaining sustainable communities. This short report discusses the impact of the resources boom on social infrastructure planning and delivery.

Rebooting the boom: unfinished business on the supply side

This paper addresses the challenge of rebooting the mining boom. It argues that inefficiencies which developed or were sustained over the high price phase of the boom can no longer be sustained over the next decade.
Working paper

Super-cycles of commodity prices since the mid-nineteenth century

This paper examines real commodity prices, suggesting four super-cycles during 1865-2009 ranging between 30-40 years with amplitudes 20-40 percent higher or lower than the long-run trend.

Landscape modification: an alternative to residential access ramps and lifts

This report and associated documents explore and analyse the approach to modifying the surrounding landscape of a home in order to improve accessibility through innovative home modification solutions within a community care context.
Technical report

Remote mining operations: economic impact on automated mining operations

This report examined the economic and social impacts of a move towards the automation and remote operations of key functions in the mining industry.

Counting the costs: response to the consultation regulation impact statement proposal for national licensing for property occupations

The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) welcomes the opportunity to provide a response to the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement Proposal for National Licensing for Property Occupations (RIS). This submission is endorsed by REIA’s member REIs, representing 80% of the Australian real estate profession –...

Manufacturing works: a strategy for driving high-value manufacturing in South Australia

This report outlined a strategy for a high-value, sustainable manufacturing industry, and it details the imperatives for action by the SA Government and industry to orchestrate that change.

Manufacturing into the future

This report, the result of a 2010-2011 residency, examines the future of manufacturing, policy settings and the innovation system of South Australia.