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What makes governments innovative?

Amidst all the enthusiasm for 'innovation,' there is only limited understanding of what makes governments innovative. What factors support public sector innovation?
Working paper

Basic income: trade-offs and bottom lines

In a changing employment and budgetary context, there is renewed interest in the concept of a basic income.

Towards a competitive and sustainable OA market in Europe - a study of the open access market and policy environment

This study considers the economic factors contributing to the current state of the open access publishing market, and evaluates the potential for European policymakers to enhance market competition and sustainability in parallel to increasing access.
Journal article

Tenurial “competition”, tenure dynamics and the private rented sector

This paper re‐appraises the role of the private renting in the housing system drawing on a review of public policies toward the sector in six countries.
Journal article

Website blocking injunctions to prevent copyright infringements: proportionality and effectiveness

The liability of internet intermediaries, particularly Internet Service Providers, for the unlawful online actions of third party users is a persistent theme and problem of cyberlaw. This article identifies and analyses the limits on the new statutory jurisdiction to grant no-fault injunctions.

Towards more physical activity in cities

As cities continue to expand in population, there is a growing need to develop ways of supporting physical activity in dense urban settings.

Automated vehicles

Self-driving cars are the next technological revolution we will face in the future. These vehicles will not only need to ‘see’ the world, but will also need to communicate and work together.
Working paper

The social construction of social housing

Recent years have seen the re-emergence of a major shortage of affordable housing and housing issues are again appearing in the political agenda . This article disucsses the complex reasons for the colapse of the thirty year long struggle to provide decent and affordable housing...

The value of architecture: Context and current thinking

This paper begins by examining how economic models have developed over time to define the boundaries of cost and value in building. How value is variously described in other fields is compared, and the technique of value management as a good design tool is analysed...

Legal frameworks for the use of restrictive practices in residential aged care: an analysis of Australian and international jurisdictions

The unregulated use of restrictive practices in aged care settings is unlawful and amounts to elder abuse. This paper explores the laws, policies and practices in relation to the use of restrictive practices in residential aged care.