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Towards understanding digital divide in rural partnerships and development: a framework and evidence from rural Australia

This paper explores the digital divide between urban and rural communities, and how this impacts regional development.
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Creativity in regional Australian accounting firms

This study examines the challenges faced by regional accounting firms and the creative solutions they use to address them.

Housing in Queensland: affordability and preferences

This paper investigates affordability of housing in Queensland; changes in the housing stock and people’s preferences; and factors influencing outcomes in housing markets.

Rates of homelessness among young people in Queensland: research summary

This paper outlines definitions of homelessness and estimates the number of young people who are homeless in Queensland.

An investigation into factors that may affect the long term environmental and economic sustainability of tourism in northern Australia

The objective of this paper is to identify factors that may affect the long term environmental and economic sustainability of tourism in northern Australia.

Manufacturing in Queensland: final report

In September 2016, the Queensland government asked the Queensland Productivity Commission to conduct an inquiry into manufacturing to identify policies to improve the sector’s productivity and competitiveness. This final report sets out a policy action plan to support a strong and diverse manufacturing sector.

Strategic audit plan 2018-21

The Queensland Audit Office (QAO) is required to prepare and publish by 30 June each year a three-year strategic audit plan (SAP) which shapes and drives its program of performance audits. Its 2018–21 SAP is the culmination of its ongoing efforts to understand the challenges...

The capacity of Indigenous community housing organisations

Remote location, inadequate governance procedures and lack of economies of scale undermine the organisational performance of indigenous community housing organisations. Authors: Karel Eringa, Frederick Spring, Mara West, Martin Anda, Paul Memmott and Stephen Long
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A potential Human Rights Act in Queensland and inclusion of the right to health

This study found strong support in the majority of submissions for the Queensland Parliament to draft and enact a Human Rights Act for Queensland (HRAQ), and for the inclusion of the right to health in such legislation.

Land clearing and climate change: risks and opportunities in the Sunshine State

This report outlines how more than one million hectares of woody vegetation, an area more than seven times larger than the size of Queensland’s capital, has been cleared between 2012-13 and 2015-16.