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2017 WA state election: Maintaining confidence in our electoral process

This inquiry aimed to rectify the lack of external oversight by assessing the adequacy of the Western Australian Electoral Commission's administration and management of the 2017 state general election.

Special inquiry into government programs and projects: final report

This report examines a number of WA government programs and projects, in an attempt to provide a clear and concise explanation of the key drivers or failures in decision making that led to the state’s operating deficits and unsustainable debt position.

Australian drone technology assisting a significant step in crop tolerance to heat and drought stress

Unmanned aerial survey drones equipped with sensors are increasingly being used by corporate farmers, agronomists, biologists, and environmental ecologists to make important production decisions.
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Landscapes of research: perceptions of open access (OA) publishing in the arts and humanities

It is widely known now that scholarly communication is in crisis, resting on an academic publishing model that is unsustainable. One response to this crisis has been the emergence of Open Access (OA) publishing, bringing scholarly literature out from behind a paywall and making it...
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A novel approach to transforming smoking cessation practice for pregnant Aboriginal women and girls living in the Pilbara

This paper describes the rationale underpinning formative research which will inform the design of a localized smoking cessation program for Aboriginal women living in the remote Pilbara region.

Agency gift registers

The focus of this audit was to determine if agencies had suitable policies and practices in place for the management of gifts received. Gifts were defined as any item of value, including goods, services, money or hospitality offered to or received by an employee, without...

WA public libraries strategy

The WA Public Libraries Strategy is the result of extensive research undertaken and presented in the Public Library Working Group background paper. As well as that, WALGA’s Vision 2025 also identified the need for such a strategic approach to public library development. The context for...

Speaking out about school and learning

Much effort has been put into developing resources, frameworks, policies and programs to support and engage students. This work is important and has helped many students, but by listening to the voices of children and young people, it is clear there is more to be...

Protection of Aboriginal rock art of the Burrup Peninsula

The Burrup Peninsula is known for its cultural and archaeological significance, as it is the densest known concentration of rock engravings anywhere in the world. It contains Australia's largest collection of Aboriginal rock art (also known as petroglyphs), with more than one million images in...
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Infrastructure WA: Proposal for public consultation

This blueprint for the establishment of Infrastructure WA (IWA) sets out a new approach to long-term infrastructure planning in Western Australia to create jobs.