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Green infrastructure: Life support for human habitats

The value of ‘green infrastructure’ in urban landscapes is becoming increasingly recognised by health professionals, water managers, planners, policy makers and designers around the world. The rapid expansion of towns and cities contains the real risk of creating unliveable, unhealthy environments.

The home stretch: challenges and alternatives in sustainable housing for refugees and asylum seekers

This report includes profiles of local projects, as well as a call for government action to address structural and systemic issues regarding housing availability and affordability.
Discussion paper

The strength within: the role of refugee community organisations in settlement

Australian research has barely touched upon the role played by refugee community organisations in the settlement experience of humanitarian entrants. The capacity of community organisations to relate to and understand the unique lived experiences of refugee and humanitarian entrants gives them a particularly important role...
Policy report

Pacific adolescent career pathways: a report on future labour market opportunities and education pathways for Pacific peoples

Purpose of research The Pacific Adolescent Career Pathways research is a longitudinal study that explores and addresses information gaps in the formative years of career planning of Pacific adolescents. In particular, it was designed to gain an understanding of students’ careers choices and the factors...
Journal article

Emerging dimensions of networked energy citizenship: the case of coal seam gas mobilisation in Australia

This article reports empirical findings from a custom database of tweets around CSG issues and theorises the politics of knowledge at stake in this challenge to stateappointed expertise.
Conference paper

Standalone solar air-conditioning systems for residential buildings

The rapid adoption of reverse-cycle vapour-compression air-conditioning systems in residential buildings has produced an escalation in both total and peak electricity demand, necessitating a high level of investment in electricity infrastructure, and raising concerns over energy security and environmental issues. To address these issues, solar...

[In]Sight Results Guide

Australia's regional areas are developing at different paces. They have different potential for positive growth and change. The Regional Australia Institute(RAI) has developed [In]Sight: Australia's regional competitiveness index to provide a consistent, comprehensive and accessible view of the status of Australia's regions and their prospects...

[In]Sight: Economic diversification and the competitiveness of regional Australia

[In]Sight is an online index and interactive map tracking the competitiveness of Australia's 560 Local Government Areas (LGA) and 55 Regional Development Australia (RDA) regions, unlocking thousands of insights into regional Australia. [In]Sight's economic diversification indicator (within the Business Sophistication theme) is based on comparison...

Centrelink - statistical information and data

Data from Centrelink on Child Support, Programs and Services, Payments, Labour Market and Medicare. This resource provides a wealth of publications on regional issues, including specific reports relating to social and health services in regional Australia. As a collection, these publications provide valuable information on...

An exploration of labour mobility in mining and construction: who moves and why

Labour mobility is a complex concept because people change jobs for a variety of reasons, in different ways and with different outcomes for their lives and careers. This study explores what motivates people to change jobs and examines the influence of their employer, occupation or...