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Community interest and engagement with science and technology in Victoria

The Victorian Government Department of State Development, Business and Innovation has been tracking community attitudes and engagement with science and technology since its benchmarking survey in 2007, Community Interest and Engagement with Science and Technology in Victoria Research Report. An interactive data tool is available...

Manufacturing works: a strategy for driving high-value manufacturing in South Australia

This report outlined a strategy for a high-value, sustainable manufacturing industry, and it details the imperatives for action by the SA Government and industry to orchestrate that change.

Manufacturing into the future

This report, the result of a 2010-2011 residency, examines the future of manufacturing, policy settings and the innovation system of South Australia.
Journal article

Predicting intention to biobank: a national survey

This research aimed to determine those factors important in determining the public’s intention to donate a biological sample to a publicly funded biobank, and allow that sample to be linked with medical records.
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Supporting Sustainable Home Improvement in the Private Rental Sector: The View of Investors

In this article, we examine the problem of how to support energy and water saving upgrades for sustainable home improvement in Australia's private rental sector.

The evaluation of the Cook Islands Education Sector Partnership

This evaluation measures progress to date towards the achievement of the goals of the Cook Islands Education Master Plan 2008-2023, to inform future planning and decision making. The focus of the evaluation is on outcomes identified by the Ministry of Education, the Department of National...

Evaluation report for Pacific Business Mentoring Programme

Following the renewed emphasis in 2008 on sustainable economic development as a core driver in the NZ Aid Programme, the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) began exploring options for strengthening its engagement in economic development in the Pacific Island Countries (PICs)...

Evaluation report for the Bougainville healthy community project

This independent evaluation was conducted to inform NZMFAT and LMNZ about the progress to date of the Bougainville Healthy Community Program; the lessons learned; and suggestions for future design of a next five-year phase and implications for rollout in PNG. The evaluation focused on village...

Evaluation of the New Zealand Red Cross Delegates Programme 2008 - 2012

This evaluation determined the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the Delegates Programme from 1 July 2008.

Evaluation report of Save the Children Health and HIV/AIDS Programme, Papua New Guinea

The New Zealand Government has supported Save the Children’s East Sepik Women and Children’s Health Programme (ESWCHP) since 1997. From the outset, this programme focused on developing a community-supported network of Village Health Volunteers (VHV) to provide primary health care in remote village settings in...