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Everyday heroes

Surgery grips the imagination, but most of the vital healthcare work goes on elsewhere, writes Lesley Russell.

Human dignity and its enemies

Let’s face it, the only way to live in dignity, inside this depraved society we inhabit, is to resist. That being so, to go to prison is really nothing more than to maintain simple human dignity, it’s really nothing to brag about.— Liu Xiaobo, “Letter...

The land that fell to Earth

Britain has spiralled into political failure since voting to leave the European Union. What happened, and what happens next? David Hayes takes a look.

The country-city divide: more evidence of how inequality is growing

Country Australia is losing out on full-time jobs, forcing its young to head for the cities

5G's new frontier

Backers of 5G promise breathtaking speed and ultra-reliability. But does Australia need its own vision for the new wireless networks? Jock Given takes a closer look.

Can cities and towns make us healthier?

With state and federal governments focused on big-ticket medical spending, can local initiatives fill the gaps?

Lionel Murphy and the presumption of guilt

Some of the most serious allegations against the reforming Attorney-General turned High Court judge centre on his relationships - real or imagined - with three notorious Sydney figures.

Dance of the elephants

Despite Nick Xenophon’s efforts, less powerful players were squeezed out of the media reform deal.

China in the Pacific: a question of influence

Exaggerated fears about China’s intentions reflect a misunderstanding of what’s happening in the region, writes Graeme Smith.

After Lateline, the brave new world of better broadcasting

Michelle Guthrie’s vision for ABC current affairs is a mixed bag - with the history missing, writes Jane Goodall.