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Australian farmers could remain years behind global peers due to NBN delays

Wouldn't it be great if everyone had access to a seamless flow of information via the internet. Whether you worked in a metropolitan area or a remote farming region, the software or data needed to keep your business running efficiently could be downloaded quickly and...

Local Government Growing Regional Australia

The project examines and identifies the factors contributing to strong and sustainable regional capitals and regions. In particular the aim of the project is to explore the impact that good governance and effective leadership by local government can have on growing regional Australia.
Working paper

Transparency in resource agreements with Indigenous people in Australia

This working paper examines resource payments provided to Indigenous entities or individuals, under a variety of types of agreements made by Indigenous peoples with resource companies, and/or governments. These resource payments are made as part of obtaining a social licence to carry out resource activity...

Improving digital health skills in communities

This report presents findings from an evaluation of Years 1 and 2 of the Widening Digital Participation programme.
Policy report

Payroll cards in New Hampshire: examining the effects of payroll card legislation

This report investigates the potential impacts of payroll card legislation in New Hampshire by researching the existing research literature, interviewing relevant stakeholders in New Hampshire, and examining the approach of Vermont, New York, Hawaii, and Illinois.

City of Darwin arts plan 2015 – 2020

The City of Darwin arts plan provides a strategic focus for the council to deliver on its commitments to arts and culture over the next five years. The aspirations in this plan have been developed in consultation with the community, key stakeholders and arts and...

Independent Review into sex discrimination and sexual harassment, including predatory behaviour, in Victoria Police: Phase One report

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission was commissioned by Victoria Police to conduct an independent review into the nature, prevalence and impact of sex discrimination and sexual harassment, including predatory behaviour, among Victoria Police employees.

Creative boom: a report into four sectors of strength and opportunity in the arts

The Arts Industry Council of SA (AICSA) commissioned this report to explore how South Australia’s strengths in the arts and cultural industries could further support the state’s economic agenda.
Journal article

Energy cooperatives – the success story needs a new dynamic

Energy cooperatives, in which citizens volunteer their time, have become a symbol for a citizen-led energy change. However, new energy cooperatives find it difficult to establish because they are at a disadvantage compared to large suppliers since Renewable Energy Sources Act amendment. New business models...

New South Wales arts and cultural policy framework: create in NSW

This 10 year strategic policy framework guides cultural funding for New South Wales until 2025. It draws on the strengths and ambitions of NSW residents, artists and cultural workers across the diverse communities of Metropolitan Sydney, Western Sydney and Regional NSW.